10 Ways to get your relationship stress on a zen level

You know that happy couple that’s so blissfully in love they never have an ounce of stress and spend every single second just hearting each other to pieces with no mixed feelings? Yeah, me neither. Because that couple doesn’t exist. Every single relationship involves some level of stress. Money, relationship status, in-laws, friends, social situations, basically anything and everything can bring stress into your relationship. So here are 10 ways to get your relationship-related stress a little more under control. Hope they help you out.

1. Talk

Tell your boo if you’re feeling stressed about what’s going on between you. If he’s a good guy, he’ll do his best to make your relationship as stress-less as possible. And if he’s not, dump him. Stress over.

2. Sex

A romp in the sheets can do a relationship a world of good. If you two are stressed about something, be sure to have sex at least once a week while you’re going through the tough parts of it. You’ll relieve some of the tension and remember just what’s so special about your relationship.

3. Date night

Make some time for just the two of you, and make it special. If you’re feeling stressed, doing more of the same thing you always do could just continue the stress pattern. Making one night special could be a nice way to switch it up and take a stress break.

4. Yoga

Take one hour out of your day and go to a yoga class. I can’t tell you how much it does for eliminating stress from any aspect of your life. Clearing your mind, stretching, building strength and breathing will help you figure out what’s really important in your life. And I bet it’s not stressing about your relationship.

5. Work out

Yoga isn’t the only type of exercise that will clear your mind and make you feel better. Go for a run, play some basketball, dance to Beyonce in your full-length mirror until you get sweaty. Do whatever it takes to get your heart pumping, and I’ll guarantee that you’ll feel better about your relationship.

6. Counseling

If things are seriously stressful, go see a couple’s counselor. I know it’s not a fun thing to think about, but a few sessions could make you two right as rain and teach you how to deal with future stressful situations together.

7. Alone time

You might need some time alone to handle and process what’s going on in your relationship. A night or even weekend away is nothing to feel guilty over. It could give you the space you need to clear your head and really think.

8. Out with friends

Sometimes you don’t need alone time. You need a distraction. A wild, champagne-soaked girl’s night could do you some good. Just remember, you’re there to blow off steam, but not spill all of your relationship secrets.

9. Cuddle

Take some time to laze around in bed with your man, not having sex or doing much of anything but cuddling. You’ll be amazed at what a spoon session can do to your stress levels, and the conversations you have while cuddling can be some of the most reassuring.

10. Meditate

Search around online until you find a guided meditation video that feels right to you, and give it a chance. A few minutes in a zen-like state will help you feel a bit more zen about all of your issues, including your relationship ones.