Bright eyes that will reel him in

Patti Stanger on how to reel him in with your eyesMen fall in love with what they see, and one of the first things they’ll notice when they meet you is your bright eyes. They signal fun, playfulness, energy and vitality.

If you’re saddled with a nine-to-five and feeling anything but fun and energetic, then you can still brighten your eyes to reel him in. Men may not fall in love until after your first date, but a sexy pair of headlights will have him lusting for you, no doubt.

Pick a liner in a shimmery silver and apply it to the inner corner of your eyes’ lids to make them pop. Don’t over do it, though. Blend it so it looks natural — men love to see a fresh face that looks as if you’ve just come from a workout or a coffee stop. Add a small hint of a sheen shade to your brow line, just below your eyebrows, to brighten your eyes even further.

Use a shimmery shadow or two in contrasting colors that complement each other. My makeup artist, Tiffany Huss, always says that “a light shimmer shadow on the lids brings light to the eyes.”

My makeup artist (did I mention she’s also one of my closest friends?) agrees with me here, “Guys love long, flirty lashes.” As long as the setting is right, baby, fake it til you make it with some false lashes. Now, if your date is taking you hiking, then you should probably go for the more subtle makeup tricks. Benefit makes a complexion enhancer called High Beam. Use it around your eyes to make you look alive without overdoing it.

Eye liner is key, but it can also be optional. Mascara is always a must. Apply the liner to only the top of the eye to make yours look wider. Or, if you prefer, put it underneath the eye, as well. Be sure to blend well. A dark, defined line on the lower eye can make your eyes look smaller. Finish it off with an amazing mascara and you’ll have bright, beautiful eyes to help you light a romantic spark with a simple gesture otherwise known as eye contact.


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