5 Products to combat summer sun

Summer dates can take you everywhere from romantic boat rides that get the juices flowing to mini golf, outdoor weddings and events, or festivals. Maybe you and your hubby are going on a couples-only vacation to spice things up again. You may be hot for your hunk of burning love, but make sure you don’t put a damper on things with a deal-breaker sunburn. Sure, they are painful but they also make us ladies a little self-conscious when the peeling and the blisters turn us into Frankenstein.

Skincare for summer dates

Keep your body hot with…

What’s great about today’s sunscreen products is that they protect you without that old school clinical sunscreen smell or ooey-gooey thickness. You’ll find all kinds of date-friendly products with  scents like shea butter, peppermint, vanilla and coconut that’ll make it hard for men to resist you while keeping your hot bod invincible to the sun’s damaging rays. Hampton Sun’s SPF 55 spray will cover your gorgeous skin with ease because it can be applied at any angle. It has water-resistant assets so it’s perfect if you’re going down down under with new love.

Philosophy’s Here Comes the Sun is an easy spray (no messy hands when you apply!) that can be worn over or under makeup. It packs a 40 SPF and is also water-resistant for those daytime beach dates with besties or your boy toy.

Get a sun-kissed glow with…

Benefit’s classic ‘Benetint’ gives a fresh and sun-kissed look combining tinted moisturizer and sun protection. You can wear it in lieu of your foundation and reapply as needed with little hassle.

Keep shine at bay with… 

Say no to shine and with Peter Thomas Roth’s Instant Mineral Powder Brush. It’s easy to tote in your handbag or clutch for quick and easy application throughout the day with SPF 45.

My makeup artist Tiffany also loves Dermologica’s tinted moisturizer for a dewy finish with extra protection.

Keep lips kissable with…

P.s. The One is my new cosmetic line. Tiffany and I have formulated it to be everything you need — the one makeup like you can’t live without. That includes P.s The One Gloss which will protect your lips and make him want to lay one on you.

In the meantime keep your lips soft, kissable and guarded against damaging rays with Lavanila’s Pure Shea Butter Lip Balm. It has zinc oxide and is SPF 30 with vanilla and peppermint oil which will woo your man rather than make him give your the Sour Patch Kids face.