Rachel and Destin

Keeping in touch with an ex

We all know looking for the one is no easy task. It can happen in the blink of an eye or could take eons. During your quest for love, you’ll cross many speed bumps. These speed bumps are your exes. Right for you at the time, but not right for you forever. A lot of times when we dissolve a relationship, both parties move on to bigger and better things, continue new adventures and go on their merry ways. Every now and then, there are hangers — exes that need to be EXterminated. Sure, you could be friends with your ex. Maybe you were friends before you even got together, but is that really advantageous to your quest for love — to have that person always hanging around to potentially mess up your love energy?

Let’s be honest here. As a general rule of thumb, there is no reason to hang on to something that clearly wasn’t meant to be. Here are some helpful tips on breaking free from your ex.

1. Delete, delete, delete

This is the digital era. Much of our communication is electronic, so, to your ex, purge. Emails, texts, phone numbers, pictures, voicemails, Facebook messages, everything that you have saved digitally from your ex, get it out of there.

2. Return and remove

Get rid of any gifts this person has given you. Give back or dispose of music mixes, letters, cards, toys, all that. Why not have your own ex-bonfire party? Invite your close friends, celebrate new beginnings and move on.

3. Have an EX yard sale

Gather up your friends. Gather up your neighbors. And, most of all, gather up EXcess items that have little worth but remain as mementos that help keep you chained up. Make some money off of this biotch. We’re in a recession.

4. End the midnight cuddle sessions

Sure. We get it. The sex was good (or not) but is it worth sacrificing your future and sanity? You broke up for a reason so the answer is NO. NO SEX WITH THE EX.

5. The mutual friends

Sometimes your shared friends mean well but don’t understand that OVER means OVER. Make it clear — no more mentions, gossip, reminiscing, etc. If they can’t respect that, then move on from them, too. Oh, and if they truly are mutual friends — time for divorce court — who gets custody?

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