Rachel and Destin

He’s so jelly!

Alright, ladies — this goes out to all of you. You may all have been there more than once and indeed some of you way too much! What are we talking about? The Jealous Guys! If you had a nickel for every time a guy you were dating claimed you as “HIS” and “Only HIS,” you could all be getting manis and pedis daily and bathing in crystal. Jealousy is known as “The Green-Eyed Monster,” and believe it or not, in measured healthy doses,  it can be good for a relationship. The question is how much is too much? When is it time to bounce?

Who are you talking to?

If you’re like Rachel, then your male friend to female friend ratio is a bit heavy on the guy side, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s normal these days to be a girl with a lot of guy friends. But if your man is so insecure that he’s giving you the inquisition every time you get a call or text, then it’s time to delete him from your phone book! Contrary to popular belief, men and women can be just friends, and if your guy can’t handle that, drop him like a hot potato!

Whistle while you work

For those of us who aren’t independently wealthy, we do what we have to and that’s called work. Some of us work in jobs where members of the opposite sex are in abundance. If you’re that girl who works with tons of men and your man is so jelly that arguments about you choosing him or the job start happening, tell him to shove it! The truth is you should both should be happy in whatever line of work you chose for yourselves and respect one another. If that’s not happening, it’s time to go back to the relationship drawing board.


Oh social networking, how we all love to love and hate you. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace — the list goes on and on. Can you find love on these sites? Absolutely! Can you cheat on your mate on these sites? You bet your inbox you can! The thing is, reaching out to your friends and family (and even fans in our case) is great to stay in touch from anywhere in the world. If your man is reading over your shoulder as you type and tweet, constantly trying to hack your accounts and even making you delete your profiles, then it’s time to unfriend, unfollow and UNdate!

The bottom line is trust. You have to trust the one you love or it will never work. Jealousy can truly be a monster when out of control. Pay attention to the signs so you don’t waste your time!

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