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6 Tips for a dating profile makeover

Even as a traditional matchmaker, I couldn’t be a bigger fan of online dating. It’s how I met David and how so many other amazing couples meet every day. Just because online dating works for a lot of people, though, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Finding love online takes some work. If you’re wondering why you haven’t been meeting the right guys online, it might be time to put a little elbow grease into your dating profile. Here’s how you can snazz up your profile page.

Recent pictures

The easiest place to start is by switching up your pictures. Even if you love the photos you have selected, take them down and put up new ones. I’m not sure who said it, but one of my favorite quotes is, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” You’ve given that first batch a go, and it hasn’t worked. Remember, all of the pictures on your profile should be from no more than six months ago and need to look exactly like you. Did you get bangs last week? Then you need to take down all of your old pictures and get a bunch of shots of you with your new ‘do. You want your dates to see exactly what they’re getting. And I mean, come on, girl, you’re hot! So show it off.

Say cheese

Take another look at your pictures. Are you smiling in all of them? If not, you’ve got to make a change. I know there’s that shot with the sexy stare, and your cheekbones look great when you make the ducklips face. But you want to look approachable, fun and real on your profile, and a smile does that. Plus a smile makes everyone more attractive. It’s like plastic surgery without the knife. Save any sultry-faced photos for your modeling profile, and stick to easy, breezy smiles for your dating profile.

Head to toe

Are you getting tired of talking about the pictures on your profile? Well, I hope not because they’re the most important part of your profile, and here comes another tip. You want to give guys a sense of the entire package they’re getting. That means everything, from head to toe. For every gorgeous headshot in your profile, you should have one equally glamorous full body shot. Trust me, it’s what men are looking for. If you don’t have enough full body shots on your profile, they’ll assume that you’re trying to hide something about your body. Advertise the goods, girl!

Give him something to talk about

When you fill out your profile, you want to strike a balance between showcasing yourself and leaving a few things mysterious. Share details about your personality and passions, but also leave some key elements missing that would make for easy conversation openings. For example, instead of writing, “I make a mean lasagna,” write something like, “I’m an awesome cook and love to make my signature dish for romantic nights at home.” With the second option, a man has an easy opening into a private message by asking you what your signature dish is. You see how that works? It’s the online equivalent of leaving the barstool next to you open.

The name game

Your profile name is crucial. You want it to be enticing, personal and memorable. Picking something like your initials and a series of numbers is wasting an opportunity to jump off the screen and hook the hottie of your dreams. If you’re having trouble thinking of one, an easy way is to go with your hair color and a hobby that a man could be interested in. For example, BrunetteHikerGirl or CookingBlondie.

Clear about why you’re here

Many sites will give you an option to write about why you’re on the site or what you’re looking for. Take advantage of this to be clear with your goals. If you’re looking for something serious, write that out. Don’t muddy the waters by saying you’re “down for a good time” or “out to meet new people.” Woman, you’re not here to meet people. You’re here to meet one person, your forever guy. Spell that out so you don’t attract guys looking for something way more casual.

I want to wrap up with a comment poll. If anyone here met their honey online, I want to know on what site. Tell me about your online dating experiences!