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Love advice from the happy couple who keeps Patti on track.

Love on the network

It’s official. We have moved from the ancient age of meeting people at a bar, club, place of worship, through friends, etc. to the new age of finding love online -- both on dating websites and on social networks. We are a perfect example of the social network part of this trend -- we met on the social network that started it all: Myspace. Now there are about a zillion other social network platforms out there, like Facebook and Twitter, where not only can you let all your friends and family know when you are going to the bathroom, but you can actually meet your soon-to-be wife or husband too! It has never been an easier world to find your mate than the one we live in now. Read more

Throw a singles party for the endless summer

Happy heat-wave, boys and girls! We all love a good scorching now and then, and as long as summer is still here, it’s all good. Sadly, precious summer is on her way out, and fall is peeking around the corner. Campuses are re-opening, back-to-school commercials are running and stores already have Halloween and Thanksgiving merchandise out! (On the bright side, The Millionaire Matchmaker returns soon, so it’s not so bad, right? Shameless plug!) Here’s how to keep that summer glow alive just a little bit longer. Read more

He’s so jelly!

Alright, ladies -- this goes out to all of you. You may all have been there more than once and indeed some of you way too much! What are we talking about? The Jealous Guys! If you had a nickel for every time a guy you were dating claimed you as “HIS” and “Only HIS,” you could all be getting manis and pedis daily and bathing in crystal. Jealousy is known as “The Green-Eyed Monster,” and believe it or not, in measured healthy doses,  it can be good for a relationship. The question is how much is too much? When is it time to bounce? Read more

Viva Mexico: Why your honeymoon is important

We did it! We finally tied the knot five years and a Sin Halo later. Our wedding was spectacular: We could not have asked for anything better! The ceremony was held at The Carlton NYC in Millesime Restaurant and Lounge. We took photos in Central Park, and then went right back to Millesime for the reception. Our crazy Tim Burton style cake by Cake Alchemy was delicious and our little boy danced the night away with all of our guests. He was Destin’s best man. It was beyond magical... but not quite as magical as the night that followed! *wink* The next day, we took flight for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for a honeymoon at the Grand Velas that we will never forget. When we arrived, we were greeted, handed a cigar, a Bird of Paradise and were then whisked off to the resort. The sun was shining, it was hot as Hades’ backyard, but we were married and in love and that was all that mattered. Read more

Summertime at casa de Pfaff

Makin' Love with Rachel and Destin
Summer is here at last… and boy is it a hot one! We live out in the fabulous LA Valley so it’s even more sweltering. It’s amazing how it can go from 85 degrees F in central LA to 100 degrees in the Valley! The question is what to do when summer is at its full glory? We have learned how to have fun in the sun in the most creative of ways -- especially when you have a toddler! Let’s talk about your home. We all know that when the pavement is melting, the last place you want to be is outdoors. How about turning your pad into a cool beach oasis? Read more

Keeping in touch with an ex

We all know looking for the one is no easy task. It can happen in the blink of an eye or could take eons. During your quest for love, you’ll cross many speed bumps. These speed bumps are your exes. Right for you at the time, but not right for you forever. A lot of times when we dissolve a relationship, both parties move on to bigger and better things, continue new adventures and go on their merry ways. Every now and then, there are hangers -- exes that need to be EXterminated. Sure, you could be friends with your ex. Maybe you were friends before you even got together, but is that really advantageous to your quest for love -- to have that person always hanging around to potentially mess up your love energy? Read more