Rachel and Destin

Viva Mexico: Why your honeymoon is important

We did it! We finally tied the knot five years and a Sin Halo later. Our wedding was spectacular: We could not have asked for anything better! The ceremony was held at The Carlton NYC in Millesime Restaurant and Lounge. We took photos in Central Park, and then went right back to Millesime for the reception. Our crazy Tim Burton style cake by Cake Alchemy was delicious and our little boy danced the night away with all of our guests. He was Destin’s best man. It was beyond magical… but not quite as magical as the night that followed! *wink* The next day, we took flight for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for a honeymoon at the Grand Velas that we will never forget. When we arrived, we were greeted, handed a cigar, a Bird of Paradise and were then whisked off to the resort. The sun was shining, it was hot as Hades’ backyard, but we were married and in love and that was all that mattered.

The infinity pools outside of our room along the beach helped, too! Simply gorgeous. While we were basking in the sun by the pool as Mr. and Mrs. Pfaff during our glorious nine day tropical getaway, Sin was splitting time with both grandparents (this was not just a honeymoon, but a much needed child-free vacation).

Long story short, it was so amazing at our resort that we only left once to go into town. We had five diamond restaurants, all you can drink top shelf alcohol and impeccable service. We spent hours in the amazing spa getting manis, pedis, facials and a couple’s massage. Can you tell we had a horrible time?

Nighttime was a little crazy as a paparazzi light show took over the skies. The clouds rolled in and the rain dumped buckets over the beach. That didn’t stop us from enjoying shots of tequila in our own private hot tub on our balcony. During the day we lazed about poolside eating fresh ceviche and drinking Mexican Flags.

“What’s a Mexican Flag?” you ask? Here’s the recipe:

  1. Line up 3 shot glasses, one with your tequila of choice, one with concentrated lime juice, one with Sangrita (combination of Clamato, grenadine, oj, and whatever the bartender throws in.)
  2. Take each shot separately in whatever order you like (we prefer a sip of the lime juice, tequila, then the Sangrita.)
  3. Yell something Spanish like “Ole!”

Our point is, for you married folks out there, your honeymoon was so important (and hopefully magical). Don’t forget… you can do it again! Keep that feeling going. Let’s face it, you have your entire lives to spend with each other so make sure you keep the magic you first felt alive. Make it a tradition on your anniversary to bring back bits of your wedding or honeymoon. Example: If you can’t afford to go back to Mexico every year, how about bringing Mexico to your home? Set up a romantic Mexican dinner complete with candles, sounds of the ocean, a little Spanish music and of course Mexican Flags. By the end of the night, you’ll both be screaming “OLE!” in the bedroom.

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-Muah! XOXO!