Date ideas that will make you and your husband feel young and in love

Let me guess. When you and your hubby plan a date night, the big decision is if you’re having dinner before the movie or after, right? Sounds like you and your man are in a bit of a dating rut. There are tons of ways to bust a dating slump. One of my favorites is to go on dates that make you feel young. So think back to what kinds of dates you went on as a teen and recreate them. If you’re having trouble remembering, I picked some of my favorite young’un dates to inspire you.

Get ice cream

This was probably my favorite teen date. Grab a scoop of ice cream with your man. You two can exchange licks or share something decadent, like a banana split or chocolate smeared sundae. Or go way old school Grease style and get a milkshake with two straws. Sit at the ice cream parlor and talk as you enjoy your treats. There’s something so fun and flirty about being in love at an ice cream parlor.

Make out in a car

Not the classiest move, I know. But it can be really sweet and fun. And there’s nothing more teeny than an in-car make out. Drive out to somewhere pretty and private. Sit on the hood of your car and take in the scenery. And then wait for your husband to put the moves on you. If things get steamy, take it to the backseat.

Play truth or dare

Here’s a date idea that you don’t even have to leave your house to play. Just wait for the kids to fall asleep, lock your bedroom door and let the games begin. Even if you think you know everything about your man, I guarantee there will be one or two random stories that come out that will totally surprise you.

Mini golf

This was the ultimate in date nights when I was a teenager. It’s so nice to be outdoors on a date, and nothing’s better for getting your flirt on than a little competition. Plus, mini golf is just fun! I’d use any excuse to play a round.


Bowling — the mini golf of winter. If temperatures have dropped in your neck of the woods and mini golf isn’t an option, your next best bet is bowling. All of the fun and competition of mini golf, just none of the outdoor appeal. But there will be cheese fries! So that makes up for it.


Remember when you would sneak your parents’ alcohol and drink right of the bottle with your high school boyfriend while sitting on your back porch? Anybody else? I’m not alone here, right? Anyway, relive those days. “Sneak” a bottle of wine out into your backyard and pass it back and forth between the two of you as you gaze up at the stars and compare answers on that super hard calc final… or just talk about how your days were. Whatever pops into your head.