Just ask Glynis: “Is 2012 an unlucky relationship year?”

Dear Glynis,

I have purchased your books, Glynis Has Your Number and Love by the Numbers. I have learned a lot from both of them. I’m just wondering: Is 2012 generally a bad year for relationships? My girlfriend recently broke up with me but doesn’t want to lose me from her life. However, she doesn’t know if she wants me as a friend or to resume being boyfriend and girlfriend. I’ve noticed a lot of people are having relationship problems early in this year. Is there any light you could shed on this?




It is always best to look at the charts of the two people that are having trouble in a relationship; in any given year, it can be the Personal Year Cycle that is causing the problem. I do not have your Personal Year Cycles, but when your girlfriend says she “doesn’t want to lose you in her life, but let’s be friends,” that’s pretty much an exit line.

If I were you, I would walk away and focus on your life. Clearly she feels you will be available to her any time she wants you, and that is never good. Perhaps if you leave her and really get on with your life, she will realize she has made a big mistake and come full circle. But hanging out with someone that you care about who is not sure if they want you as a “boyfriend” or “friend” is a very unhealthy and painful way to live.

It is true that the 5 World Number does promote a subconscious need for freedom. If someone is in a relationship that is controlling, he or she may want to get out of it because that person feels controlled by the other person. This is a temporary condition, and I happen to know a lot of couples in this 5 Year Cycle who are doing just fine because of the basic compatibility in their Numerology Charts.

There are all types of dramas playing out in this Year of 5, and that is what I believe you are observing. Brian, what I hope for you is a great love relationship with a woman who does not want you anywhere but in her arms!

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