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Love lessons from the latest comedy: Hope Springs

Even though I’m a matchmaker, it doesn’t mean that I’m an all-knowing guru. There’s no one right way to do everything. Not at all! I’m a girl looking for answers when it comes to relationships just like you. I’ve read just as many self-help books, Googled “reasons why I’m single” just as many times, and watched just as many episodes of Oprah as you have. And even now that I’m in a happy relationship, I’m still looking for new lessons in love and I love when they come in fun packages like the latest blockbuster. I got to sneak a peek at this August’s comedy, Hope Springs. This flick is filled with love lessons so grab your girls and go see it on August 8th.  Here’s why:

Old love can learn new tricks

The main characters in the movie are Kay and Arnold, two people who are trapped in their old, boring relationship. That is, until Kay takes some action. She decides that she wants more from her relationship and asks Arnold to step out of his comfort zone to make it happen. It took a lot of doing on Kay’s part, but Arnold eventually gives in and opens up to some new thinking. Old habits can certainly change, but they die hard. It takes a lot of work from both partners to make it happen.

Outside help, helps!

As part of their relationship renaissance, Kay takes her hubby to a relationship specialist to fix their issues. And guess what? It works! Talking to a professional, impartial third party can be such a good thing for a relationship… even a thriving one. These people are professionals for a reason. Never be afraid or embarrassed to ask for outside help. It just means you want your relationship to be the best it can be, and that’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

Push your limits, but know your boundaries

Kay and Arnold get to a better place in their relationship because they both step out of their comfort zones. I’m such a fan of that. Dare to do something different if you want different results. That being said, Kay does draw the line for herself when it comes to certain key decisions. And that’s just as important. Getting out of your comfort zone and doing something you’re uncomfortable with are two very different feelings. You need to know the difference. Know your non-negotiables.

Sex, sex, and more sex

You all know that I’m a fan of sex when the time is right. Sex is an important part of a relationship and when the bedroom gets boring, you lose an intimate connection with your partner that can lead to bigger cracks in your relationship down the road (which is exactly what happened in Hope Springs). Keep your sex life active and it’ll be much smoother travels for you and your honey.

Grab your girlfriends and go see Hope Springs on August 8th! You’re gunna love it.