Rachel and Destin

Summertime at casa de Pfaff

Summer is here at last… and boy is it a hot one! We live out in the fabulous LA Valley so it’s even more sweltering. It’s amazing how it can go from 85 degrees F in central LA to 100 degrees in the Valley! The question is what to do when summer is at its full glory? We have learned how to have fun in the sun in the most creative of ways — especially when you have a toddler! Let’s talk about your home. We all know that when the pavement is melting, the last place you want to be is outdoors. How about turning your pad into a cool beach oasis?

Go buy a blow-up pool — or if you have more money to spend, one of those above ground ones — some fun tiki decorations, some bags of sand, which you can get at a toy store, and plug in the iPod. We like to use streaming radio stations like Pandora or Slacker and put on the Harry Belafonte station. Break out some strawberry lemonade and Popsicles. Boom! It’s instant paradise! We not only bought an above ground pool, but also a slip and slide and water balloons. Sin absolutely loves it and so do mommy and daddy! This is great for all you single guys and dolls as well! It’s a great date idea because it brings out the inner kid in you!

When it’s only frying one egg outside, why not hit up the local water park! In California, we have quite a few like Raging Waters and Hurricane Harbor. This is a great all-day activity for the family or if you’re single. Girls in bikinis and boys in board shorts… uh, yes please! A lot of local supermarkets, and even radio spots, give out discounts so it can be inexpensive and so much fun. Just remember when riding on the slide to make sure your bikini top is on nice and tight. Don’t ask how we know this! (Destin says to keep it loose!)
Finally, for those warm summer nights when the kids are asleep — breakout the margaritas, buy a cheap projector from Best Buy and watch a movie on the outside wall of your house. A lil Elvis in Blue Hawaii with a lil tropical tequila can really pop the funner in summer!

Everyone stay cool, be safe and have a b****in’ summer!

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