Rachel and Destin

Throw a singles party for the endless summer

Happy heat-wave, boys and girls! We all love a good scorching now and then, and as long as summer is still here, it’s all good. Sadly, precious summer is on her way out, and fall is peeking around the corner. Campuses are re-opening, back-to-school commercials are running and stores already have Halloween and Thanksgiving merchandise out! (On the bright side, The Millionaire Matchmaker returns soon, so it’s not so bad, right? Shameless plug!) Here’s how to keep that summer glow alive just a little bit longer.

For all you sexy singles living it up when it’s melting tires outside, how do you keep the warm nights going? Throw yourselves an Endless Summer Luau! Invite all your friends and their friends (the single ones, of course!). Bring out the tiki torches, fire up the grill, mix up your favorite tropical concoction and get that iPod party playlist queued up! Just because summer is fading like a bad haircut from 1990, it doesn’t mean your fun should too, and it certainly doesn’t mean giving up on finding love in the summer!

If you can’t do this at your home, then take it to the beach or a park. There are loads of state beaches with fire pits and BBQs where you can party the night away. Parks are great for an afternoon party, just grab a spot early and spend the whole day living it up till the sun goes down.

Summer love in October?

This is also such a great way to potentially meet a great guy or gal that you can turn into your “Goulfriend” when October hits. Sure, you can have your couple pals join, but tell them to invite all their single chums as well. Make this truly a singles party for the summer that just keeps on going.

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