Meeting a man unexpectedly: How to be prepared for fate

The meet-cute. That moment when a man and a woman meet completely out of the blue and realize there could be something special between them. You’ve seen it in movies. You’ve heard about it from friends. It even happens to those nutballs on Bachelor Pad. But it’s never happened to you. Why not? My guess is that you’re not ready for it. I’m a strong believer that life only gives you what you can handle, and if you’re not ready for romance, then it’s not going to happen for you. Ladies, trust fate — love comes when you’re ready for it. Here’s how to prep for fate so you can be ready when your meet-cute moment happens.

Stranger love

Ever heard the expression, “A stranger’s just a friend you haven’t met.”? Well, I like to think of it more as, “A stranger’s just a date you haven’t met.” If you’re not dating someone and there’s no one in your life that you have your eye on, your only other option is a stranger, right? Strangers don’t just turn into dates with a wiggle of a magic wand though. It takes some effort. So be open to conversations with new people and even start a few on your own. Why not ask that cutie who you always see on your morning Starbucks runs how his week is going. Once you open a line of communication, you never know where it could lead. At the very least, you turn a stranger into a friend. Think about it — if you’re willing to open the lines of communication, you create more opportunities to meet new people which only ups the odds of love.

Look fab

You need to look your best in order to feel your best for any romantic first encounter, especially an unexpected one. So glitz yourself up regularly. Am I saying slip on a black tie gown every time you leave the house? No. But I am saying do your hair and put on a nice outfit before you go grocery shopping. Looking put-together goes a long way. You never know what could happen. What if a hottie catches your eye in the soup aisle, and you’re in sweatpants with greasy hair? You’ll be more likely to drop your can of Campbells and bolt from the store instead of striking up a conversation.

No phones

I know Angry Birds is addictive, but you’ve got to put that cell back in your bag. Approaching a woman for the first time takes a lot of courage, and you want to make it as easy as possible for your mysterious mister to start talking to you. If he feels he’s interrupting a text conversation, he’s not going to make the move. So when you’re alone, take those headphones off and put the cellphone away. If you are open to meeting new people, you have to make sure you look the part.

Trash that baggage

This is way easier said that done. Believe me, I know. But it’s definitely the most important tip on this list. Like I said, you’re only going to meet a great guy when you’re ready to meet one. So work on getting ready. Let go of your past relationship baggage and stop stalking that last guy on Facebook. Work on being happy and whole by yourself. That’s when Mr. Right will come strolling around the corner.