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Can Career-Minded Women Find Love?

Can Career-Minded Women Find Love?
Are you a career-minded woman?

Do you run a successful business, own your condo, and drive a nice car?

You’re successful in all areas of your life, except when it comes to dating. How come you can have so much abundance, and still find it hard to attract men?

Here’s the thing…

There are still a bunch of old-fashioned guys out there who are very intimidated by powerful women. You earn more money than they do, you drive a nicer car than they do, and you live in a bigger house than they do. Should these things bother them? Probably not. So what’s their problem? Is it that these guys are just male chauvinists who think a woman’s place is in the home?

We want to feel that feminine side of you that needs us to protect you, or look after you in some way.

Actually, they’re not chauvinists, and they’re not jealous of your success. It all comes down to the way men are wired. Men need to feel wanted. Likewise, men want to feel needed. We want to feel that feminine side of you that needs us to protect you, or look after you in some way.

It’s an inbuilt need man has lived with for centuries. Man is the hunter. Man is the protector. Man must look after woman. So how can you make a guy feel you need him, when you’re such an independent woman?

Here are a few very simple ways…

    • Ask him his opinion on your dress

      If you’re going out somewhere ask what he thinks of what you’re wearing. Pick two things you like anyway, and let him decide which one he prefers on you. If you like both outfits anyway who cares which one you end up with.

    • Get him to fix something in your home

      It doesn’t matter how small the job; call the guy up and ask him to come fix something at your place. Even if it’s something you could probably fix yourself. Let him do it for you. It makes him feel useful to you, and like you actually need him around.

    • Give him some responsibility

      If you’re going on holiday let him book the flights or the hotel. Let him choose where you go for dinner. Let him make some of the decisions about what you do when you’re together.

Now this may all sound a little simplistic, and perhaps a little silly to some of you ladies, but men have to feel like you need them.  The trouble is many successful women treat relationships as they treat their business. They want to control everything, and don’t give the guy a look in. In the end, he starts to feel like an employee not a lover and moves on.

If you’re a career minded woman and you want to find love, then you have to be prepared to let other take a little control. It’s the only way you’re ever going to keep hold of any decent guy.

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