To my sexy singles: Where you can meet men this season

Well, hello there, my sexy singles! Are you looking for a man to keep you warm this winter? Of course you are. But guess what? You’re not going to find him under a blanket on your couch. Nope, you need to get up, throw off those flannel pajamas (I know, they’re super comfy) and get out to some places where you can meet men. And here are where they’re hiding.

Comic book stores

The guys you find here at 10 a.m. on a Saturday probably don’t have the abs of Chippendale dancers, but they have interests, aren’t hung over on a weekend morning and are super easy targets. Just pick up a comic book and ask if this is the best one for a newbie to the series. Blam! Trap set.

Trade shows

Hang out at the local conference hotel and check out what trade shows are in town. Most trade show-heavy industries have a decent single male population. If it’s open to consumers, go into the show and ask some questions. You might learn something and get a beau. If it’s an industry-only trade show, hang around the hotel bar during happy hour and see who saddles up.

Steak restaurants

This is a biggie. Go to the bar at a steak restaurant early in the evening. I’m talking like five o’clock. And sit at the bar with a strong drink you can sip. A martini would be great. Then see who arrives. But remember, these are hunter men. So do not approach them. Eye contact and a smile are your biggest moves.

Cigar bars

If you can stand cigar smoke and don’t mind a dude who smokes, you should head to a cigar bar. It’s full of men, and a lady who knows a thing or two about cigars will certainly be a hit.

Dog parks

Even if it’s a little brisk outside, bundle up and head to a dog park. Look for any guys alone with their pooches. This one only works if you have a dog too. Otherwise, you’re a creep in the dog park. Send your pooch over to play with his. One tangled set of leashes later and you’re on your way to love!

Sushi bars

Eating alone where men eat alone can be a total jackpot. Sushi bars are great. I know in New York, ramen is also a big thing for guys to eat alone. So be on the lookout for quick, simple meals served at bars. Lonely diners often appreciate some conversation.

Happy hunting, sexies! And happy holidays to all!