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5 Reasons to look for love in the suburbs

The New York Post interviewed me for a trend piece on women heading to the suburbs for romance. Basically, sayonara Sex in the City and hello Sex in the Suburbs. City girls hunting for love in the suburbs may be a trend for now, but give it a little time and it’s going to be the norm. I’ve been saying it for years — the city is filled with men who think they’re hotter than they are. The suburbs are where your future husband is. Location is key. Here’s why.

Everyone’s a grownup

Aside from their jobs, city-dwelling dudes have no real responsibilities. They never own their apartments. They eat out almost every meal, and most of them even pay someone else to do their laundry. Basically, men in the city are like third graders who just happen to be wearing expensive suits. In the suburbs, on the other hand, men are grownups. They own their homes. They have cars and stay sober enough to drive themselves home on Saturday nights. They’re responsible and act their age. Ladies, that’s what we should be looking for in a husband because really, if all we were looking for was a cutie and a good time, we’d get puppies.

No roommates

If you’ve never been to New York, let me paint you a picture: bright lights, big city, crappy apartments. And it’s the same in every city because living in the city is expensive. So to be able to live in a city, you need roommates. Even grown men with great jobs will live with roommates. It can be a total mood killer. Do you want to walk into your boyfriend’s place and see some Craigslist weirdo in nothing but a bathrobe eating cereal? Gross. Men in the suburbs can afford to live by themselves. It makes for a better mood that sets a better scene for your relationship to grow.

You’re a big fish

If you’re a city gal who knows how to put herself together, leave the city limits and you’ll be a total knockout compared to what’s normally cooking in those pots. Walk into any bar or party in the suburbs, and it’s a guarantee that all eyes are going to be on you. Take advantage!

Men are men

You know what I’m over? This metrosexual trend. Men, be men. We don’t need you to manscape or wear jewelry or own jeans that are more expensive than a hybrid car. It’s just not manly. But guess what the “metro” in “metrosexual” stands for? Metropolitan. Leave your metropolis and the metrosexual count goes way down. In the suburbs men are men. They mow their lawns and have hairy chests and wear Levis. And that’s a really good thing for us ladies.

Smart finances

I can take care of myself, and most women can. But I want a man who’s able to provide for me too. And most women do. On the whole, men in the suburbs are far more financially stable than men in the city. By not flushing their money away on overpriced rent and nightly Chinese take-out, they’re spending their money more wisely. A suburban guy will be able to provide for a future family way better than a city guy whose entire life savings went to his designer denim collection.

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City ladies, what do you think? Would you take a commuter train out to the ‘burbs to meet a guy? Suburb ladies, I’m sure you have your own thoughts on the guys in your area. Any wisdom to share?