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How do I get him to notice me?

Girl gets noticed on the beach
Alright single ladies, this one’s for you. You have your eyes on a prize. Whether it’s a hottie at work or the fellow across the bar with those piercing gray eyes, you’ve got to get him to notice you. There are a few basics to flirting that can apply to any situation. And here they are.

Don’t be shy

First, you can’t be shy. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to flirt with a dude without him knowing that you’re flirting. Um, why wouldn’t you want him to know that you’re flirting with him? Flirting isn’t a crime and it’s not embarrassing. Be proud that you’re a flirt. I sure am! So, before you go into any flirting situation, give yourself a pep talk. Every single person on earth likes some playful flirting. So, don’t be afraid if you’re a little obvious. Trust me, it will be appreciated.

Eye contact and smile

Your eyes and your smile are your best assets when it comes to getting a dude to notice you. My absolute favorite move is to make eye contact with a man for five seconds while giving him a nice, wide smile. It’s catnip to any man. Even George Clooney would go weak in the knees at that move. So, use it wisely.

Give him a compliment

You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when someone tells you something nice about your outfit or hair or smile? Well, dudes get that same exact feeling too. Making someone feel awesome about themselves is always a good way to initiate a conversation. Give him a compliment on his eyes or smile and he’ll totally be thinking about you and what you said.

Body language

I can’t stress how important body language is when it comes to flirting and getting a guy to notice you. Make sure your body looks as open to conversation as your mind is. Even though you’re nervous or feeling awkward, don’t let your body show it. Don’t cross your arms or angle yourself away from him. Even if he’s not a body language expert, he’ll pick up on what your body’s telling him loud and clear. If you want to make sure you’re sending the right message, lightly touch his upper arm a time or two when you’re talking to him. That’ll get your point across.

Make it easy

I know it’s hard to believe, but men are humans too and they feel just as nervous and scared about approaching you and you are about the situation. So, make it easy for them to hurdle their fears and talk to you. Don’t be engrossed in your phone, try not to be at the center of a large group and definitely don’t make fun of other guys who’ve flirted with you in front of him. All of that will just make interacting with you a lot harder for him. And why make something that you really want harder to get, you know

Those are my quickie secrets to getting a man to notice you. Does anyone out there in internet land have their own secrets? Don’t be shy about sharing them in the comments!