Get your glow on: Self-acupressure for the face

Acupressure is a Chinese finger massage technique that improves overall well-being and enhances beauty by balancing the energy, or chi, in the body. It’s been used for centuries as a natural facelift to firm up facial tone and improve the appearance of fine lines.

Are you ready to learn how to give yourself a beautiful glow by pressing specific areas of your face? If you want to look your best on a date (or anytime, really!) with that healthy “glow” we all dream about, try these quick acupressure techniques that increase the circulation of oxygen and blood to your face.

The first time you try these techniques, I suggest looking in a mirror so you can find the specific areas. Also, do this before applying makeup if you’re concerned about smudging. With clean hands, apply pressure to the following areas on both sides of your face.

Step one:

Place your middle fingers just below your cheekbones, about 1/2 inch on either side of your nose, and press upwards with firm pressure. Then massage in circles for five seconds. Repeat these massage circles underneath the cheekbone as you move your fingers in 1/4-inch steps towards the ears.

Step two:

Pressing on this area can relieve eye puffiness, as well as help a stuffy nose and other sinus problems.

Press firmly on the ridge just below your eyebrows with your index finger, and then trace around the bony orbit of your eye applying firm pressure as you move to the outer eye. Next, place your middle and index fingers on the bone under your eyebrow and apply pressure along the edge of this bone from either side of your nose and move towards the outer eye. Use the pads of your fingers to massage small circles and increase pressure slightly.

Step three:

Apply pressure with your middle fingers together on your “third eye,” which is the area between your eyebrows. Continue to apply pressure as you move your fingers up towards your hairline in tiny steps. At the hairline, apply pressure with your middle and index fingers along the hairline on both sides of your face, moving towards your ears.

Step four:

At your temples, make small circles for 15 seconds. Close your eyes.

Step five:

With your thumbs and index fingers, firmly pinch your chin and then continue to gently but firmly pinch along your jawline on both sides.

Step six:

To finish, gently pat your cheeks and then your entire face with your fingers to give you a healthy blush.

If you’d like to enhance this “glowifying” acupressure experience, place a drop or two of your favorite relaxing essential oils (I like lavender and geranium) on your fingertips. The oils will naturally add their own “chi” to help revive the area, and the aromatherapy will calm you.