Just ask Glynis: “Should they get married?”

Hi Glynis,

My daughter keeps going back and forth about whether or not to marry this guy. They are engaged, a date has been set and invitations have gone out. She doesn’t call it off exactly – she has sent me a few texts out of nowhere late at night saying, “I don’t think I can do this.” Lots of feelings rise up in me when she does this: anger, frustration and depression. I have ignored these and it seems to pass. I am hoping it’s just last minute jitters.

Her name is Erica and his is Tom. Her birth date is December 15, 1983 and his is October 17, 1984. Do you see this working out?




This is always a tough one for me — when a couple is preparing to get married and I know the numbers are not ideal. However, you have asked for my opinion and I will give it to you.

I believe your daughter is expressing her intuition about this relationship. When she sends those texts to you that state, “she can’t do it ” she is coming from her gut instinct.

Erica is a 3 Life Path. The numbers that can challenge her 3 Life Path are 4, 7 and 8. Tom’s Birth Numbers are 9 8 8 8 4*/9 Attitude. All those 8s and Tom’s 4 Life Path do concern me. Keep in mind, that a Challenge Number is a challenge for both people in the relationship, not just one or the other.

Katrina, it is possible that if they are willing to work on their differences and embrace what they have in common, they can make their relationship work.

However, if Erica were a friend of mine and asked me what I think about her and Tom’s numbers together, I would express my concerns and encourage her to be honest with herself. I have had several people write me that they were hesitant about marrying someone (the numbers were not ideal either) but because they felt pressured they went through with the ceremony. Two of the women I am thinking of right now ended up getting divorced.

Have a heart to heart with your daughter and tell her that if she really does not want to marry this man, it is OKAY with you. It may be exactly what she needs to hear right now. I will be sure to light a white candle for her in the hopes of empowering her to make the right decision.

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