Embrace Change!


“The only thing that is constant is change”


In Los Angeles, we are creatures of habit. We stay in our individual “bubbles” and never tend to venture out.  Dinner invites to the east or west of me are carefully thought out like answers on a college application. I go to the same grocery store, barbershop and coffee shop so much that everyone knows me on a first name basis.

But with so much routine built into my life, you’d think that “change” would be the last thing I would be up to experiencing. But today, that is not the case.

Now, I’m not sure if it’s the chill in the air, the Christmas decorations everywhere or the holiday music trickling on to the radio, but today, I am ready for something new.  Without skipping a beat, I call up a few friends and plan out a dinner.

Tonight’s theme: Embrace Change.

I have decided to meet up with two good friends of mine. My guests include Bob & Sophia, two special people who are currently experiencing a bit of change in their lives too.

For dinner we are meeting completely outside my usual “neighborhood bubble” at Faith & Flower, one of the hottest new restaurants in Downtown LA.

As I walk into the restaurant I am instantly confronted by a feeling of nostalgia and glamour. The décor is reminiscent of the fabulous 1920’s ala The Great Gatsby. It’s breath taking.


The general manager, Tyler, escorts us to our table and gives us a bit of a history lesson on the old Los Angeles and how Faith and Flower got its name.

His story is beautiful and it instantly colors an image so vivid, I feel as if I am being magically transported to the era of “The Great Roaring Twenties.”  It was in that moment, all the small yet important details of the restaurant décor, dinnerware and even paint colors start to come alive and begin to play important character roles in my dining experience.

His story about Downtown Los Angeles is sprinkled with lessons in history and evolution. How the people, city and even the very name of the street has changed over years. Even now, Downtown Los Angeles is experiencing a rebirth and a much-needed change that is bringing life back into the city.


“What a great story” Sophia says.

My two guests and I begin to catch up on each other’s lives when it is revealed that Sophia is newly engaged and Bob is newly single.

“Now those are great stories of change!” I say

Bob has a boisterous personality and he begins to share his story about his recent break up and how he is now focused on himself.

“It was the worst thing that could have happened to me. But it was also the best thing.” He says

“So many good things happened because of that breakup. I don’t regret it for one moment!”

We raise a glass and celebrate that with him. Sophia then begins to tell her story.

“Well, my story had a lot of ups and downs” she says.

“At one point he moved to the east coast and I wondered if it could end. It went on for many years. But, then one day, things just fell into place.”


We all raise our glasses again and toasted to her engagement. There was sense of understanding and respect we had for each other, as we knew each of our journeys were hard fought but brought us to the right places in our life.

Between our conversations, our server has been delivering a curated plating of the very best that Faith & Flower has to offer. Only interrupting our conversation to explain each dish.

“Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin, Oxtail Agnolotti and Dungeness Crab Toast” he says.

Its food porn at it’s very best.

We are desperately trying to focus on our topic at hand, but the food is so mind blowing that we break out into unplanned screams of “YUM” and “OH WOW” as we chat.

As I take in the excitement of my guests and how pleased I am with this fabulous new restaurant, food and conversation. I find comfort in knowing that I owe all of this to one word… Change.


We experience a lot of change in our lives. Whether it’s from adolescents to adulthood, part time jobs to careers or even broken hearts to engagements. In our lives, nothing could be more relatable than how we all have been through and survived change.

Change allows us to gain knowledge and wisdom but mostly, it empowers us to become the master of our own destiny.

I know we are uncomfortable with change, but use it to make you stronger, to educate yourself and to bring life to your soul. Just like Bob and Sophia did in theirs.

Maybe your change isn’t about a break up. Maybe it’s about trying online dating, taking the next step in your relationship or focusing on Self Love.

No matter what your change ends up being. Do it with the intention to make your life happier and more fulfilled.

Till next blog,

David Cruz

For more on Faith & Flower please visit or visit them in Downtown Los Angeles.