How to have a Perfect Date!

Red O Face

When it comes to planning the perfect night out for a date, there are many questions that run through ones mind in order to plan accordingly:

“What kind of food should we eat”

“Should we just have drinks or should I splurge on dinner?”

“Do I want something romantic or casual?”

All these questions and more add to the list of concerns that everyone has had when planning a night out on the town.

Forget for a moment that coordinating schedules for a date is in itself a battle. Carefully choosing all the right details could mean the difference between success and failure to launch.

In an effort to continuously practice what I preach, I coordinated a long overdue date with my boyfriend. After almost a month of an “All Work and No Play” mentality, it dawned on me that we were due for a bit rest and relaxation.

TIP #1

Always gauge the social capacity of both parties when planning a date. Regardless if its date one or one hundred, choose your location based on how you both feel you want to socially interact with each other and others around you.

If you both want to blow off some steam, then a busy bar with good drink and a dance floor could be just perfect. Otherwise, if something more low key is on order, choose a location that is not as busy, but will allow you both to chat and enjoy an adventurous night out.

After deciding that he and I wanted something a bit more intimate, but still new and adventurous, I took to planning the perfect night out.

I decided to make reservations at RED O,  here in the heart of West Hollywood. I had heard many amazing reviews about this restaurant, but this would be my first visit and attempt taking in the full experience.

Red O is the first LA restaurant with cuisine from award winning Chef Rick Bayless. Rick is famous for his highly rated PBS show “Mexico, One Plate at A Time” and often credited his modern interpretations of traditional Mexican Cuisine. Bayless was also the winner of Top Chef Masters Season 1 on Bravo, so I am instantly a fan and eager to support anyone in the Bravo family.

While researching the menu on their website, the images and music greeted me with a bit of seduction that I was not prepared for. It was with this first sensory reaction that I knew I this was exactly the culinary and romantic adventure that I was looking for.

Red O Exterior

TIP #2

Do your research! Make sure that the ambience, menu and overall vibe of the location is exactly what you are looking for.

As we arrived at RED O, the aesthetics drew us in. I felt as If I was visiting a gorgeous bungalow on the summer shores of Mexico and the music was equally as hypnotic. In the corner of the room, I noticed a small mariachi band setting up.

Jonathan and I were instantly transported into a different world.

Upon checking in, the Maitre ‘d escorted us to our table. Along the way he gave us a tour of the many small yet important details of the restaurants design. From the artisan hand blown glass in the chandelier to the tequila tasting room filled with vintage and rare bottles. It was clear from the start that RED O, wanted to take you on an adventure not just serve you dinner.

We were seated outside at a table that overlooked the entire restaurant. The white linens, pillows and candlelight set the most romantic mood. Our server helped us through the menu by sharing some of her favorites and some of the most popular items. She was quick to point out what the chef was famous for!

TIP #3

Your server is your friend! Make sure to establish a good relationship with your server right from the start. Let them know that its your first time visiting or if it’s a special night out that you are celebrating. Always be kind and courteous to them and they will take care of you!

As each plate was delivered to our table, our pallets were treated with little stories of where Chef Bayless has been inspired in his travels. The food was the definitive punctuation to the mood and atmosphere that he was recreating.

As I looked around the room, it was clear that Red O was a favorite for many people. From the out of towners, large groups celebrating birthdays and yes, even the multiple couples hiding in the corners stealing romantic kisses in the shadows.

This was a perfect date night treasure and an amazing culinary adventure.

As we wrapped up our night, we decided that we would take a walk into the bar. The energy of the people was so inviting that, even for this tired duo, we could not help but extend our amazing night out.

The drink menu was just as adventurous as the dinner menu! If we were on a vacation, we were certainly not going to stay locked up in the hotel room. These kids were gonna have some fun.

We may or may have not had some tequila and danced the night away.

REd O Interior


Have a “Plan B”! In case you both get a second wind and want the party to continue, make sure to check out other options of entertainment while either in the restaurant or in the surrounding area. Sometimes when you’re having a good night, a late night stroll on a beach, a karaoke bar or ice cream shop could be a sweet ending to a perfect date!