Love lessons learned from Millionaire Matchmaker contestants

Love lessons from Millionaire MatchmakerAs a third generation matchmaker, I have seen my share of dating mishaps and triumphs. Men who bring friends along on dates, take women to places that no woman should go (like the junk yard!), play games and act foolish. Boys will be boys! I have to call out some of these TV moments because it is a great way to teach you some dos and don’ts in your own quest for Mr. Right.

Learn, ladies, learn! Let’s not forget that we’ve had plenty of women who tripped up, too.


Omar’s ditching the plan for a fun, romantic date, instead taking her to the junkyard, was selfish and completely disregarded his companion that day. Dating and relationships aren’t just about who we are and what we want, but what kind of relationship everybody wants and needs in the end. Don’t focus on yourself the way that Omar did. Consider your date, be considerate of who he is, what he likes to do and what both of you find fun. Save your favorite personal things to do for after you’ve established a solid base to your new relationship.


How rude was Shauna to her date when she ran from him because she thought he was too old? Being disrespectful or hurtful to someone is never acceptable. Ladies, you’ve got to give the man a chance! Being closed-minded to others before you get to know them will hurt your odds for finding love and you’ll run the risk to miss Mr. Right. Remember, he doesn’t always seem like “the one” right away.

The opposite problem? Saying too much, too soon. Let’s not forget the cases where daters have given too much personal information at their first rendezvous. They dominate the conversation and fall victim to word vomit.


Emma’s pole date and striptease broke the number one rule: Men don’t bond by sex. It’s not surprising he didn’t want a second date after that. She wanted marriage and she sent the wrong signal. A pole dance can spice up a relationship, but don’t count on it to create one.

Another big mistake on the same token seen in past episodes: Attire. Save the skin-tight, revealing dress that shows too much boob for a later date. Those outdated, acid wash jeans at home? Leave them home.

The point?

If someone’s not a fit for you on a date, he could make a great friend who might have other friends that are a better match for you. Don’t burn bridges! Don’t run for the hills or be too secretive, but don’t tell him your life story with your cleavage bursting out over your steak and potatoes.

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