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3 Hobbies that will make you hot and happy

women demonstrating yoga poseOne of the best ways to attract a man is to boost your confidence and let it radiate. So, get a new hobby and choose one that makes you sweat! If you take up a hobby that incorporates a little physical fitness and makes you work your bod, you’ll get double the benefit of feeling both sexy and confident!

Plus, can we talk about the hot instructors? Working out puts you on a path to sexy and gives you another chance to meet someone sexy.

Methods to the madness

Bikram yoga: You’ll love it and hate it. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a great tactic for releasing your negative energy and focusing on the new and the positive. Find a studio that’s offering a newcomer special and, after the trial is over, you just might be hooked.

Here in L.A., Soul Cycle is the place to spin, but don’t use your geographic location as an excuse to stay home. I know your own gym offers spin classes and, if you start attending a regular time slot, you never know what kind of man candy you’ll spot on the bike next to you. If nothing else, try it just to scope out the men and hopefully you’ll learn to love the intense workout and the hot body benefits, too!

Consider recruiting a friend to go on a weekly hike (p.s. a perfect time to catch up with and get advice from your bestie). There’s kickboxing, Zumba dance and morning runs that can make you look and feel good if you indulge in the sweaty experience. Try a few classes and see what works for you, what you like and what keeps you upbeat. Mix it up to peak your interest.


Men register your energy before they notice your looks, so a fun hobby that boosts your energy can up your odds for snagging a date. Once you’ve got the guy, the benefits of a great hobby will never stop. Not to mention, he’ll love seeing you in all your hot fitness wear. Nothing’s sexier to a man than a woman fresh faced and glowing with accomplishment after a workout.

Since exercise creates endorphins, which create a natural high, you won’t just get into great shape, but you’ll feel amazing as well. You’ll have more energy and it will benefit your skin to get your blood pumping a few times a week. That’s going to make you feel sexier and more confident even if you’re not at the weight or fitness level you want. Grab a pair of sexy gym pants, a tank and get on it.

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