The Healthy Heart

5 Terrible First Date Ideas

bad-date-ideasWhile I’m a huge proponent of health, fitness and not allowing yourself to fall into the lovely-but not at all healthy-happy relationship black hole of pizza, couch, sex, repeat, sometimes healthy living and dating just don’t mix. Here are five healthy activities best enjoyed on your own or with friends, not when you’re trying to impress a first date.

1. Hot Yoga

In theory, hot yoga sounds like it would make a great, healthy first date activity. You picture yourself glistening in the heat, your hair a bit curly and wild from the humidity and sweat as you bend your loose muscles into each pose, no doubt totally impressing your date with your flexibility. In reality, what happens is you are so incredibly hot that you think you might die or at the very least, pass out, and you wouldn’t be that mad if you did. You aren’t glistening, you are literally dripping and drenched in sweat, as is every single person jam packed in the studio, so you know it smells pretty great in that suffocating chamber. You’re so wet that you keep sliding around your mat during each flow, barely able to hold yourself in child’s pose, as the mascara that you applied earlier in the day runs into your eyes. It’s all just really, really attractive.

2. Crossfit/MMA/etc

I love Crossfit, but I hated it the first twenty times I went. While you might be a huge Crossfit or MMA fan, it’s not necessarily the best backdrop for a first date. If your date is new to the sport, they might feel like a fish out of water, not understanding all of the lingo or instructions, not to mention they will have no idea how to perform the movements correctly and without injury. Since most Crossfit gyms have a competitive vibe (whether you’re trying to beat the clock or your teammates), your date might end up feeling lost and a bit dejected if they can’t keep up.

3. Hiking

If you’re thinking about inviting a first date to join you on a nice, romantic hike through the wilderness, stop it right now! I hate to be a negative Nancy, but let’s examine all of the things that can go wrong here, shall we? You can get dehydrated, you can get sun poisoning, step in poison oak or ivy, or trip and hurt yourself. If that isn’t bad enough, unless the trail you pick is completely flat, pretty soon hiking up all of those hills will cause you to get out of breath fast, which unfortunately reveals how out of shape you really are. Huffing, puffing and with a raging case of dehydration and poison ivy? We’ll be skipping this one, thanks.

4. Indoor Rock Climbing

I’m sure you’re probably thinking what could possibly be wrong with indoor rock climbing? Well, I have one word for you. Harness. Safety first, so you have to wear it…and it doesn’t do anyone any favors. The harness can accentuate all the wrong areas, and no matter how great of shape you’re in, you’re sucked in so tightly that your skin will spill out the sides. Listen, this one is purely vanity based, and of course, the most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy the moment…but might I suggest you reserve anything where you’re hanging from a harness for the second or third dates?

5. Eat Things That Shouldn’t Be Raw

When you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s great to meet someone who shares your attitude towards eating food that makes you feel as great as it tastes. There is nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal on a date, flirting over a bottle of wine and stealing bites from each others plates, and this can’t happen when you’re too distracted wondering what exactly is in the “Raw Vegan Bacon Burger” you ordered. A first date isn’t the time to take your diet to an extreme by making reservations at the latest high raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free restaurant…unless your date suggests it, of course!