How to be healthy when your boo is unhealthy

Several years ago, I made a big transition in terms of how I treated my body. I started working out more and viewing food as fuel, instead of as a reward. I also put a lot of energy into thinking positively about my body. Instead of focusing on what I wish I could change about it, I focused on what was great about my body. And it really made a difference in terms of how healthy I was and how happy I was. I feel great about the changes now. A friend of mine recently told me she wishes she could make the healthy changes I did, but never could because her husband would never eat healthfully with her. I told her it’s totally possible to lead a healthy lifestyle, even if your boo isn’t on board. Here’s how to do it.

Establish support

First, let your boo know what you need from them to succeed. You can’t ask them to totally change their eating habits, but maybe they need to keep their unhealthy snacks in a separate cupboard of the pantry. Or they have to be on kiddie duty for breakfast so you can sneak out for a run. Or they can’t bring home cupcakes as a sweet gift for you at the end of a rough day anymore. Your partner doesn’t have to do what you do, but they do need to support what you do. And you’ll probably need to tell them exactly how to support you. Don’t be shy about that.

Don’t limit them

When you’re on your health journey, you can’t spend your energy worried about someone else’s eating or fitness. It’s hard enough to focus on yours! So, don’t base your success on what they do or don’t do in front of you. And don’t comment on their choices. It’s difficult once you get into a healthy groove and start feeling good to keep that to yourself. You want to spread the good word and get everyone you love feeling as amazing as you. As good as your intentions are, that kind of health proselytizing is actually really annoying and can make it tough for people to root for you. Like I said before, support from your boo is really important to your success. So, be easy to be around during this journey and you’ll get all of the support you need.

Treat yourself

If you’re heading out on a health journey solo, you need to make your own motivation. So, set up short-term goals for yourself and establish a treat you earn for hitting those milestones. Get yourself flowers for working out three times in a week. Buy new workout gear that makes you feel like a babe for finally getting an under 10 minute mile. Go out for a manicure if you ate healthy on-plan breakfasts for the entire week. When you have a buddy, you can turn to them for external motivation. But, when you’re the only one making healthy changes, you need to find your own external motivation. So, go ahead and treat yourself!

So, here’s to bikini season and beyond! Healthy living is a lifelong journey and I’m so excited that you’ve decided to embark on it. It changed my life for the better in so many ways!