How to be healthy when your boo is unhealthy

Several years ago, I made a big transition in terms of how I treated my body. I started working out more and viewing food as fuel, instead of as a reward. I also put a lot of energy into thinking positively about my body. Instead of focusing on what I wish I could change about it, I focused on what was great about my body. And it really made a difference in terms of how healthy I was and how happy I was. I feel great about the changes now. A friend of mine recently told me she wishes she could make the healthy changes I did, but never could because her husband would never eat healthfully with her. I told her it’s totally possible to lead a healthy lifestyle, even if your boo isn’t on board. Here’s how to do it. Read more

How to Date On a Diet

I know I've been with my man for a while now, but I haven't forgotten what it's like to be single, honey. Not at all! I remember when I was on diets, dating would feel almost impossible. How can I date if I can't drink the carbs in alcohol? What kind of guy wants a woman who only eats salads? Why can't I think of him cooking me dinner as sweet and not a calorie bomb? I think these are feelings every single gal dieter feels. So, here are some tips on how to date while you're watching what you eat. Read more

Four Great Reasons to Ditch the Diet

Ditch the diet

1. Following the dictates of a diet rather than your internal cues like hunger and satisfaction require you to ignore natural instincts.

Hunger is a signal from your body’s intelligence center that it wants to eat and is prepared for the proper metabolism of food.  Hunger is healthy; ignoring it is not commendable and may create a hypo-metabolic mode (in other words, a slower metabolism).  This means that the majority of incoming calories are stored as as fat instead of burning them for energy. (From the “Metabolism” chapter of my book, The French Twist, Twelve Secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management) Read more

How to curb emotional eating

Woman emotionally eating when she's not hungry

Feeding Your Feelings?

Emotional eating is simply a result of the discomfort of unwanted feelings. We tend to want to avoid painful feelings; we could say we swallow them as we overindulge in food—a way to stuff our emotions down to a place where they can be ignored for a while. Eating becomes a way to disassociate from thoughts and feelings that make us uncomfortable. It is a temporary distraction from the products of our restless minds. But notice the word “temporary.” When the cake is gone, the feeling, the issue, the conflict, or the problem is still very much present—along with the additional pounds. Read more

Is Your Cleansing Diet Worth the Headache?

Juicer extracting juice from vegetables
Do you feel like your body needs a re-boot?  Are you tempted to drink your way back into your summer bikini with a juice cleanse or fast?

Squeezing Out Food

We all encounter chemicals in our foods (colorants and preservatives), water (chlorine), and air (carbon monoxide). These toxins build up in the body and cause inflammation and a weakened immune system, making us easy prey for colds, headaches, arthritis and serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease.  The theory behind juice cleanses is that when the body is free from the burden of digestion, it can better expel the toxins we take in resulting in optimum health, a mental advantage and guaranteed weight loss. Read more

Eat your way to healthier and stronger hair

woman eats a salad for healthier hair
The condition of your hair is a clear indication of your overall health. If your locks are looking a bit damaged, chances are you’re stressed, and even possibly deficient on B vitamins.  Dry and dull hair means you need more vitamin A rich foods, like dark-green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes and apricots.  If you're losing hair and your scalp is dry you may have a zinc deficiency--foods rich in zinc include nuts, seafood, eggs and legumes. Essential fatty acids found in fish and nuts also help a dry scalp and dry hair. Read more