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Beware: How becoming a Bridezilla can ruin your wedding

The problem with Bridezilla

Here’s the problem with Bridezilla: She’s rude, she’s ungrateful and she’s not the woman he proposed to. If you’ve found yourself melting down, it’s time to get a grip.

It’s understandable that coordinating a party with food, music and likely a few hundred guests, plus the ceremony, the wedding party and rehearsal dinner, while juggling your job can be tough. But, you’re planning a party, not a concert for 50,000 people with insurance liability.

Breathe, honey, breathe…

A bad attitude can ruin just about anything… and that includes your wedding. A lot of women think it’s acceptable because it’s “their day,” but the reality is that getting worked up is not going to make things any easier — nor will it guarantee things to go off without a hitch. If you’re not careful, you can ruin the experience for yourself and those you’ve asked to take part in your celebration. Do you want to remember your guests having a great time while you effortlessly enjoy yourself with your hot, new husband and the people you love? Or do you want everybody to remember you as a crying, emotional grown woman, melting down over cake and seating arrangements? Get it together.

If you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or upset, take a breath, step back and remember that nobody is going to notice if the napkins are the right shade of magenta. Not only can this kind of bad energy wreck the occasion, but it can also hurt your relationships with friends, family and your future husband.

If you want some constructive advice, take a time out and give yourself a good reality check. Go for a run, do a wedding-prep detox. Whatever. Then, ask for help. Talk with a friend who you know will be honest and who will jump right into problem-solving mode.

Consider bringing in a wedding planner to fill the role of the frantic freak. Don’t warp into Bridezilla. A grown woman screaming, crying, throwing tantrums or bossing everybody around is not fun for anybody, including you, and it’s not the way to start your marriage. Am I right?

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