To my single girls: Do you need a confidence boost?

Lady, don’t even answer that question. The answer is yes. Even the most confident single girl can get a raging case of the “why mes?” when she’s constantly surrounded by married and coupled-off friends. It’s tough getting the question, “Anyone special in your life?” and answering with a big, fat “No!” Plus, the self-effacing humor we all use — and single girls, I’ve been you before, I know what happens — can totally get to us. So here are some confidence boosting tips to keep you feeling as fabulous as I know you are.

Work out

Honestly, two years ago, I never would have written this. But ever since I’ve gotten my butt in gear with Sensa and live a way healthier lifestyle, I’ve discovered that nothing makes you feel better about yourself than a good sweat. You really can’t underestimate the positive power of endorphins. A good workout gets these feel-good chemicals coursing through your blood, and you can’t help but, well, feel good. Even better, if you’ve been on a couple dates with a new guy and things are going well, ask him if he wants to hit the gym with you. He’ll love that you aren’t afraid to sweat in front of him and may even be able to teach you a few things.

Try something new

Give something a little out of your comfort zone a try. Maybe it’s a new class at the gym. Maybe it’s wearing one of those trendy high-low skirts. Maybe it’s just giving pomegranate yogurt a try instead of strawberry. Whatever the case, try something new and then give yourself credit for trying it. You don’t have to be great at trampoline tango or even look good in that new skirt. Just give yourself a mental high five for doing something daring. It’s how we grow.

Put on your hottest dress

You know the one. That short thing that you look fierce in, even without Spanx. Put it on and don’t take it off until you feel as amazing as you look. Maybe that means that you have to wear it to the grocery store or to work. Do it. Just keep that thing on until you feel as great as that reflection looking back at you in the mirror looks.

Cat call yourself back

One time, I was dating this guy and we were walking down the street. A pickup car slowed down next to us, and the driver yelled out his window, “Yo, your girlfriend’s hot.” I was mortified and wanted to dive into the bushes and hide. Instead, my boyfriend yelled back at the guy, “Damn straight she is.” Ever since then, I’ve taken a different approach to sleazy guys who cat call me on the street. Instead of letting them ick all over me, I try to use their cat calls to give myself a little self-confidence. So when you hear a guy yell down the street, “Looking good today, baby,” yell back, “Yeah, I know I am.” Or if that’s not your cup of tea, just say it to yourself. Someone should be yelling it from the rooftops, and it shouldn’t just be creeps in the street.

Single girls and coupled-up chicks, how do you turn your own frown upside down?