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The Number One Reason Why Men Need Validation

This is for all you women out there who so desperately want to find love.

First off, I’m 100% on your side. I truly want you to find love. And a lot of the reasons why you don’t find love are not particularly your fault.

I am fully aware that men in today’s modern society have become tactical in so many different ways.

Men suffer from a disease called “approach anxiety” and have a complete sense of fear when it comes down to approaching women on all levels.

I try every single day to get men to literally go and get their manhood back, and go and talk to the women who flirt with them.

But a lot of men have taken the easy way out by swiping and doing all these different things online, and you can’t blame them.

A lot of them have been in relationships in which they have not been validated.

They’ve not been seen, they’ve not been heard.

And why is that so important?

Men need validation

Just like a dog needs water, birds need air to fly in, and planes need jet engines to propel themselves into the sky.

The first two weeks of dating a man is crucial, because women are constantly looking for the man to take charge and unfortunately, there’s just not enough men that are out there who know how to take charge when it comes down to dating and relationships.

So you’ve got to make sure a man feels safe and secure in your presence, so he will continue to pursue you.

When every step forward is acknowledged by the woman, praised, or given admiration, the man will take another step forward.

Men need to be “trained”

Kind of like training a dog. Kind of like training a kid.

I know you’re thinking right now wow: I can’t believe you need to do this.

But then again, isn’t that what a beautiful, romantic flirtation is all about? A man comes out and asks you out, you make yourself available. A man then goes and asks you out again, and you make yourself available again.

A man texts you, you text him back. If a man texts you often, you text him back often. If he calls you, you call him back.

It’s the simple things that we have stopped doing in today’s dating society. The more we do this, the more you see the man come out to play.

Too many women want to make themselves unavailable or play games.

But by doing that, you’re literally breaking down the entire dynamic and not allowing it to happen the way it’s supposed to happen.

Validate him.

Reward him.

Smile back.

Flirt back.

Call him back.

Text him back.

Tell him you had fun.

The more you do, the more he’s willing to step out and pursue you, because that’s what this is all about.

Women have waited too long just to be pursued non-stop, but in reality, that doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work to let the man do all the work. He’s not going to do all the work. He doesn’t know how to do all the work.

So validate him every step of the way.

Make yourself available. Be open with your vulnerability. Watch the great man appear, and when he does and you recognize that great man, match his frequency with your frequency and you’ll see what happens.

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