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Is Your New Years Resolution To Find A Career You Love?

is-your-new-years-resolution-to-find-a-career-in-loveHappy New Year! The parties are over, we’ve had our fill of food and drink, and now it is time to move on to our New Year’s resolutions. There are so many to consider, from losing weight to learning a new language, but according to one of the most popular resolutions each year is to find a better job.

It’s no surprise that this resolution continues to appear at the top of many people’s lists. Work takes up the majority of our time each week, so shouldn’t we love what we do?

If my last article peaked your interest and you were able to use a New Year’s Eve party to test your matchmaking skills, or if you have a knack for setting up your friends, I want to encourage you pursue this career path.

It affords you the chance to be your own boss, and the unique ability to talk about love and relationships on a daily basis. 

Becoming a matchmaker is a unique opportunity for anyone looking for a career with a flexible schedule, independence, and high earning potential. It affords you the chance to be your own boss, and the unique ability to talk about love and relationships on a daily basis. As a matchmaker the gift of giving doesn’t stop after the holidays; you are able to give the gift of love all year round.

If you walked out of your New Year’s Eve party with a handful of names for your database, then you are off to an amazing start, but matchmaking, like any business, calls for a strong business plan.

The prospect of creating a successful business model from scratch is daunting, but this is where the Matchmaking Institute is here to help! At the Institute we have done the research for you. We know what it takes to start and maintain a successful matchmaking business, and are dedicated to sharing this knowledge with you to enhance your success.

At the Institute we offer a Matchmaking Start-Up Kit that provides a comprehensive set of tools to become a matchmaker, or to improve your current matchmaking business. The kit is the result of 8 years of research and includes sample business plans, business models, and examples of contracts that you can refer to while creating your own model.

This month I will also be teaching a Live-Training (January 23rd– 25th). This weekend long event will cover business strategies, client coaching, event planning, marketing, and more. It is an amazing opportunity to get your business off and running and to network with other industry professionals.

When I was starting out as a matchmaker I made a lot of mistakes because there was no one for me to turn to for guidance. The opportunity to spend a weekend going over your business plan, and to leave with it ready to be put into action, is exceptional.

After the holidays singles that have not yet met anyone flood to matchmaking offices to find love. Take advantage of this swell in clientele and start a business that can bring you joy throughout the year. I can say from experience that since I left my career in social work I have not felt like my job was work for a second.

Cheers to this New Year being one full on career fulfillment and success!


If you have questions about the Live Training or the Start-Up Kit, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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