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5 Good signs you probably aren’t noticing on a first date

First dates are a flurry of nerves, excitement and, let’s be honest, judgement. You may be so busy nitpicking him apart that you fail to notice some really good things about him. And while red flags are important, you should take note of his green flags, too. Here are few that you may not be looking out for, but totally should be. Read more

How to Tell if He’s Just Not That Into You

Man ignores girl, he's just not that into her
Okay girls, listen up because I know you’ve all been in this situation before: how do you know when he’s really into you or if he’s just not that into you and only in your life passing the time? I know we’ve all wracked our brains over this topic, but to keep it short and sweet there are distinct signs you should look for when deciphering whether he’s just not that into you. Read more