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If You’re Not Happy With Yourself You’ll Never Be Happy With Someone Else

1117880554_f3cbfa16feYou’ve heard it before but really, it’s a basic truth in life: if we are not in a positive and content relationship with ourselves, attracting one with someone else is impossible.

How you see and feel about yourself acts as the center point for all things in your life, especially how you treat people in a relationship and how you expect to be treated. Internal happiness and self-contentment works as a concrete foundation for your life, so naturally, if the relationship with yourself is off so will your friendships and romantic relationships.

In my humble opinion, romantic relationships should only be entered into when you feel at your best mentally and spiritually. If you aren’t feeling completely yourself then it’s best to be alone before putting your energy anyone else. If you do decide to enter into a relationship when you’re in a low vibration, know that you won’t be getting the most out of your relationship; what’s the point in putting so much time into something only to give it half of your energy?

This concept of needing to feel completely in your element before entering into a new relationship mainly lies in the interesting dynamic of how the relationships we attract into our lives are actually a reflection of what’s going on with us internally.

For example, if your life is currently in a negative vibration perhaps it’s time to take a break from others and focus on getting your relationship with yourself back into a positive vibration. As like attracts like, we know that it’s smarter to look for love when we’re already in a high vibration thus to attract the best possible match for ourselves, a like high-frequency and positive relationship. Looking for love in a low vibration would most likely attract an equally low vibrational energy and would most likely result in not the best possible match for your life. So, if we are in a negative vibration, who we attract will also most likely be negative. And vice versa, if we are feeling at our very best and in a positive vibration who we eventually attract will also be positive. How we are seeing ourselves and the world around us has a domino affect on all relationships in our lives.

When we’re in a high vibration we tend to see things with more transparency and honesty. It’s in the moments when we are most positively aligned and at peace within ourselves that we have a heightened sense of exactly what we want in our lives and who we want it with. This inner peace results in clarity of the mind, emphasizing our true feelings and intuitions while diminishing outlying influences and allowing us to see what we want solely for the sake of what makes us genuinely happy.

When we know and feel completely comfortable and positive in ourselves we will attract the like, someone who also feels completely happy and content with themselves. When those two things are combined, it creates the optimum pair!

Also, use caution if you are in a high vibration and meet someone in a low vibration, it is suggested to walk away for the moment because his or her low vibration will certainly kill your high vibration. If you’re in a high vibration and want to stay there, I suggest only surrounding yourself with like-high frequency individuals.

Ultimately, when we aren’t satisfied with ourselves we tend to look outward for fulfillment, namely in other relationships and things. Looking outward for positivity and fulfillment is like building a house of cards, it’s only a matter of time before it fails. When you’re not happy with yourself try looking inwards rather than outwards. Soon you will find yourself attracting all the right things and people into your life to obtain truly pure relationships.

Photo credit: pedrosimoes7 / CC BY

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