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What to do when your new man is sick

Sick Man in Bed Blowing Nose

Not to sound like a Walgreens commercial, but cold and flu season is upon us. And that means that people around you are getting sick. When you starting dating someone new, dealing with a cold or flu can be tricky. You haven’t even decided if he’s fully your boyfriend, so it’s tough to know what’s appropriate to do for your sick man and what’s not. Here are some tips to help you find out!

Offer to help

If your man tells you that he’s sick, offer to help him out. It could be bringing over your family’s homemade better-than-penicillin chicken soup or sending him something from Also, tell him you can do quick errands for him, like picking up his dry cleaning or walking his dog, if he isn’t feeling up to it. Even just offering some company is a very sweet and generous gesture.

Listen to him

Pay attention to what he says in response to his offer. If he declines, don’t take any offense to it, but do take it seriously. Some people don’t want to be around other people when they’re ill. Or, maybe he has other people helping him out. Just don’t ignore him saying he doesn’t want the help and plow through with your helpfulness. That will just backfire and you’ll end up looking a bit psycho…and probably getting hurt in the process.

Keep in touch

Even if he says that he doesn’t want you to do anything, you should still keep in touch. And I’m normally one for letting the men take the lead in communication at the start of a relationship. But, it’s fine to text a little more frequently and start the conversations when your man isn’t feeling his best. One to two text conversations a day are plenty, though. Don’t go overboard.

Take note

How a man acts when he’s sick can tell you a ton about him, so pay attention. For example, did he get a cold and then fly his mom in to help him through it? That’s not a good sign. Did he get super grumpy and mean when he was a little uncomfortable? Was he whiney? Basically, a sick guy is a man at his worst. If he’s intolerable, you now know you might not be able to deal with him long term. If he’s passable when he’s sick, then you’ve got yourself a winner!

Hope your man feels better soon, girl!

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