It’s Never A Cute Look To Lose Yourself In A Relationship

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It can be easier than you think to lose yourself in a relationship. Extremely intoxicating relationships can be negative at times as they can somewhat hypnotize you to a point where you find yourself spending all your time with that person and not even realizing. If you’re always with your significant other then you are choosing to give all your time to one other person, not your friends, family or most importantly, yourself. You need to make sure to nurture all relationships in your life and give them equal attention as they each serve a different purpose in your life.

People who lose themselves in a relationship I think it’s really dumb of them to have let themselves go and get to that point and it actually grosses me out. You should always respect yourself enough to stand up for who you are and never allow another to dominate your half of the power. If you find yourself forcing and adjusting to meet your significant other’s needs more than they are adjusting to meet yours then you are in danger of losing yourself in this process of always accommodating another and sacrificing your instincts or desires on a regular basis.

There’s Never Room For Self-Doubt

You should always believe and trust in your path and not allow anyone tell you otherwise; you must know who you are in all situations. Although relationships can be magical and crazy in love, they can also be intense and those involved can become self-indulgent at times so you need to always have your own back, even when your significant other doesn’t, and that involves never doubting your instincts. If you don’t know who you are you will not know who you’re standing for and defending and will fall for anything, losing sight of some of your real priorities, instincts and interests.

Never Compromise Who You Are

If your significant other doesn’t like to go out but you do then we have a big problem if you are compromising your inner most party girl because your partner doesn’t want to go,; you should go anyways. Like a rule of thumb for life in general, if you  don’t speak up for yourself no one else will.

Make Sure You Keep Your Own Personal Interests

If you don’t have your own thing going on for yourself and surround your existence around your significant other than I’m afraid to tell you that you are most certainly going to be let down in the end. You should always invest time in yourself, which you need in order to grow to be your highest self, and simply cannot do so with the consistent influence of your significant other. Spend time alone doing your personal interests without the influence of your partner.

It’s never cute to lose who you are in any case, especially when it comes to your relationship because it’s just not a cute look. This causes great imbalance to any relationship and can break any couple apart. Both people in the relationship should have their individual alone time to develop and be alone with their own influence rather than a ‘we’ influence.