The #1 Reason You Don’t Connect With Men


Sometimes I look at the emails I receive and think, “Is this serious? Is this person joking? There’s no way anyone could be writing this to me seriously!”

I had an email like that today. I want to share it with you today. It says…

“David, I need your advice. I’m an attractive lady in my 40’s but I never go out. I’m either working or doing things at home. Not only that, but I don’t feel comfortable in bars so I never go to those places. I’ve tried meeting men online but that didn’t go well either.
I met a guy that seemed nice enough. He told me he was interested, but then he made an excuse not to meet up so I guess he wasn’t as interested as he made out. What is it I’m not doing right? All I want to do is connect with a decent man!

When I first read this email, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Is she serious? She never goes out anywhere and wants to meet men? Let’s look at this piece by piece shall we?
The last time I checked, doesn’t deliver men to your front door. I know they deliver pretty much anything else in the world you could want. You can get your music, clothes, sleeping bags, food, and even all your kitchen utensils if you want. You can get your shopping delivered so you don’t even need to leave your house to get groceries anymore. If you have an electric car you won’t need to go to the gas station, and with all your entertainment equipment at home, you don’t ever need to leave your home!

You need to embrace yourself.

Until the time Amazon starts delivering potential boyfriends to your door, you’re going to actually have to do some of the work yourself!

Mr. Right isn’t going to pitch up at your door one night wearing tight jeans, and a wedding ring in your size. If all you do is sit at home all night watching “Honey Boo Boo” or “At Home With The Kardashians” you’re never going to connect with anybody!

I find it amazing someone would even ask me this question. If I didn’t get emails like hers all the time, I’d probably have assumed it was a wind up and not replied. This is a woman that never goes anywhere. She doesn’t go to bars, clubs, bookstores, gyms, coffee shops, or anything, and wonders why she hasn’t met a great guy yet!

How many times have I said this in the past?
How many times do I need to mention it in my programs?

If you want to meet a man, you have to leave your home. You need to smile. You need to switch on your sexual energy. You need to embrace yourself. There’s no other way to do it. You can’t sit at home watching television and expect to have amazing relationships. You have to meet men to weed out the ones you don’t connect with from the ones you do.
You can’t shortcut it. You can’t hide from the world. It’s your life. You only get one chance. If you don’t start living today, you’re going to end up very lonely and I know that’s not what you want!