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The Super Sex Diet

chocolate cake in the shape of a heart
Here’s a dilemma: a choice between a big old piece of rich, gooey chocolate cake or rock-your-world sex. Tough call—right? That’s because food and sex are two of the most powerful and closely related human desires. Both the sensual gratifications of a decadent sweet and mind-blowing sex literally turn on the pleasure receptors in the brain. Feed Your Libido Have a rendezvous with food in the kitchen and in the bedroom and double your pleasure. With my Super Sex Diet you won’t have to decide between a great romp and a rich dessert. Here’s how… Read more

Do You Suffer From Email Madness?

angry woman on computer
Do you find that the best way for you to relate to someone is via e-mail, or texting? Do you feel you could open up more in an e-mail than you can in person? Do you feel like you can express your thoughts better when you write them? It’s amazing when you think about it. Go back 30 years and all we had were conversations. Now we have so many ways to communicate instantly without having to actually speak, we rarely hear each other’s voices anymore. I’ve had entire “relationships” where I’ve only emailed the person. Not once did we communicate by phone. Is that the right or wrong way to go about relationships? Read more

Let’s Get Married

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As a gay man, there are certain things that you obligated to talk about with all of your best girlfriends:

Hair (Should she cut it, or color it) Television Shows (Who do you want to sleep with on the CW) Sex (giving her advice on how to use a penis properly) And last but not least…. Weddings. You see, a straight girl can chat about all her crazy wedding fantasies to her gay best friend and not feel like…. she is being crazy. Read more

The Benefits of Working with a Certified Matchmaker

I mention the benefits of working with a Certified Matchmaker often, so I want to take some time to explain why working with matchmakers that are certified is so beneficial.

A little back story:

When I left my career in social work to become a matchmaker, I found a huge gap in the matchmaking industry in terms of support, networking, and industry standards. As a social worker I was used to attending conferences, taking advantage of ongoing training opportunities, and having a network of peers and co-workers to consult with on a daily basis. In my new career none of this was available to me. I had to learn on the fly, and made many mistakes along the way. To amend this, I co-founded the Matchmaking Institute in 2003, two years after starting my matchmaking company VIP life.  I am proud to say that the institute is the first state licensed school for matchmakers with an approved curriculum. The Matchmaking Institute offers a professional matchmakers trade association, matchmaking workshops, and a yearly world-wide professional Matchmakers and Date Coaches Conference.  Read more

Does money matter in love?

money heats: does money matter in love?
Does money matter when it comes to love? I get that question all the time. And considering I run a business called The Millionaire’s Club, someone who didn’t know me well would probably think I’d be able to give the simple answer of, “Hells yeah, it does!” But you, my loves, know me well enough to know that my answers are never that simple. And I don’t really ever say, “Hells yeah.” So, here’s what I have to say when it comes to money, love and the mixing of the two. Read more

Stop Making Men Work So Hard!

Man sweats from working so hard for women
Do you remember the '80s band Men at Work? Here's what most women do.  They give out their phone number to a guy that they're interested in. Then they make him work like crazy just to go get a date. Stop the madness. If you give a guy your phone number and he texts you, respond immediately. If he calls you, call him back. Allow him to set up a date. If you have plans to curl your hair or get waxed, changed them. If you’re hanging around with friends on the night he wants to take you out, cancel your friends. You can drink wine and talk about failed relationships with them another night. Read more