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Do You Suffer From Email Madness?

angry woman on computerDo you find that the best way for you to relate to someone is via e-mail, or texting?

Do you feel you could open up more in an e-mail than you can in person?

Do you feel like you can express your thoughts better when you write them?

It’s amazing when you think about it. Go back 30 years and all we had were conversations. Now we have so many ways to communicate instantly without having to actually speak, we rarely hear each other’s voices anymore. I’ve had entire “relationships” where I’ve only emailed the person. Not once did we communicate by phone.

Is that the right or wrong way to go about relationships?

There are so many ways to communicate nowadays; it’s a case of using whatever method suits you best. It’s quite nice to be able to send text messages back and forth while you’re in a meeting or something, where before cellphones we couldn’t do that kind of thing.

While emails, texts, and social networking sites are extremely useful, and keep us in contact more often, for me, face-to-face communication is always the best, especially when it comes to dating.

 You need to look someone directly in the eyes. You need to express how you feel.

Like I said, I’m guilty of this too so I’m not pointing fingers here, but in the early stages of a relationship you need to spend more time on face-to-face communication. You need to look someone directly in the eyes. You need to express how you feel. And you need to be ready and willing to accept the way they feel. Otherwise, there’s no way of knowing whether the two of you really connect.

Email madness is one good thing to come out of all this techno wizardry we have today. If you’re not happy with someone, you can express it in an email, hit send, and allow the universe to take it into that person’s inbox. Then you can patiently wait for their response. It may not be what you want to hear, but at least you were able to “get it out” without losing control as we often do face-to-face.

I think as a world, we need to start communicating better in person.  It’s good to write your e-mails and hit send, but maybe sometimes we should just write that e-mail and read it directly to that person.  A real, honest, open relationship can only happen when you look eye to eye with somebody, and communicate in ways you’ve never communicated before.

If you’re in a relationship where you spend more time texting and emailing your partner than you do actually with them, you need to look at how suited the two of you are. What’s the point in being with someone you only open up to on Facebook?  You may as well just have a pen buddy.

I’ve had arguments in e-mails, but they’ve always been resolved in person. If you can’t do that, the chances are you’re probably with the wrong person.

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