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The True Definition Of Ghosting

A lot of people use the term “ghosting” when it comes down to dating. For those of you who don't know what ghosting is or what people consider ghosting to be, let me give you the modern explanation of ghosting. Ghosting happens when you meet somebody, usually on a dating app or a website. You go out with them or you have a bunch of text conversations, and then all of a sudden… Read more

Exactly what you need to do when his texts are confusing

One of my best girlfriends is going through it with a new man. The two of them had a long flirtation with a lot of texting, a good week and a half of dating that was incredibly romantic and then, suddenly, their interactions are now limited to lame texts. It’s driving her so nuts that she’s about to crawl out of her skin. She’s really confused. How could weeks of flirting and then some actual dating devolve into infrequent and thoughtless texting with no mention of getting together? It’s an awful spot that I think anyone who’s dated a bunch will recognize. Read more

The Biggest Texting Mistake You Can Make

I don't know about you, but sometimes texting can really drive me crazy. A lot of people abuse it and never get on the phone and even talk. And they'll text you non-stop throughout the day and night. Now look, I definitely abuse texting at certain points of my life, and there's certain people that I've had text relationships with. So I'm not claiming complete innocence here at all. But there's one thing about texting that I think everybody needs to follow. One rule, one rule that shows Read more

How, Why, And What To Text A Man

I want every woman to read this and every man to shake their head and go oh, man, I can't believe he’s going there. Look, I know the majority of women out there would prefer a phone call over a text, to be able to hear somebody's voice, to be able to hear the sound of the voice and be able to connect to the voice. But texting is kind of here to stay for the time being, and just wait until virtual reality. Then texting is gone. Read more

What kind of texting should you do between dates?

You’ve gone on a couple good dates with a guy. You like him and are excited about the potential you two have, but you’re not actually dating yet. It’s a fun period of a relationship to be in. So much fantasizing about the future, flirting and fun. It’s one of my favorite stages of the dating game! With that all said, it’s also one of the most stressful moments in dating game, too. There’s a lot that can change on a dime, feelings are uncertain and it seems like one little mistake can bring the whole future relationship tumbling down. And that’s why texting feels so high stakes! It’s tough to figure out what’s over texting, what’s under texting, what’s the right thing to send and what’s the wrong thing. Well, let me help you out. Here are some guidelines. Read more

No Text Back: Why it’s OK he didn’t text you back

NO TEXT BACK?? You went on a great date. Or maybe a few dates. And you thought he was interested in you. There was some texting or calling for a while and then suddenly, there’s not. The flirty back and forth slows down and then grinds to a halt. You sent the last text. What do you do? My advice is to embrace it. Screw being bummed about a dude who didn’t text back. It’s actually a really good thing for you. And here’s why. Read more