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How, Why, And What To Text A Man

I want every woman to read this and every man to shake their head and go oh, man, I can’t believe he’s going there.

Look, I know the majority of women out there would prefer a phone call over a text, to be able to hear somebody’s voice, to be able to hear the sound of the voice and be able to connect to the voice.

Woman TextingBut texting is kind of here to stay for the time being, and just wait until virtual reality. Then texting is gone.

Think about what Apple offers on the iPhone now. You can send a video or a voice text. Texting is going to be on the way out, and trust me. You’re going to wish that it were back. So what do you text a man?

In a couple of scenarios that I’d like to go through – and I could literally write this as an entire book – I’d like to give you a couple of quick pointers so you’re able to go and really understand the best way to text and how to connect with a man.

Let’s say, for instance, you’re on an app dating site, such as or Bumble or Tinder or anything else.

The worst text to send a man is “hello” or “hey” or “hi.”

It’s amazing how many women will do that, and I think to myself, do you really think I’m going to respond to just a “hi” because you’re a female and I’m desperate to meet a woman and I’m so happy you blessed me with your un-thought out, uncreative text of “hi?”

It doesn’t work.

At all.

And this whole article is really about the first text, or the first few texts.

You need to text somebody based on something they can respond and answer a question to so you can learn more about their personality and who they are.

For instance, let’s say a man is on one of those silly dating apps, and he says, I really love to take my dog swimming. He’s the best swimmer in the whole wide world.

What do you text him?

A dog that swims? 🙂

That, I need to see. Who taught your dog to swim, or did your dog teach you? 🙂

There, a man has something to, well, talk about. You see, texting is imagining, and this is the key to texting.

When you’re texting somebody something, I want you to imagine them standing in front of you, and you have the conversation. Are you just going to literally say hi to somebody and just stand there blank when you already know things about them? I mean, here’s a trade-off. Let’s say you met somebody. Let’s say you met them online. Let’s say you met them at a bar, you met them out and about. You know something about them, so you can converse with them and continue the conversation with that person via texting.

How was your day? What’s happening in your day? How do you feel inspired today? You’ve got to get people to communicate, and that’s the key.

Texting is just so easy. It’s all about imagining another person standing there so you can have an actual conversation with that person. When you have an actual conversation with someone, you’re able to gather information. You can’t just text “hey, what’s up.” Then the conversation goes nowhere. Gather information, bring back things that you’ve talked about.
Why does this work? Because you have every single message to base the new message off of. The man will think this woman is interested in me and only me.

That’s what it triggers in men. It signals that you’re interested in them. You’re interested in who they are. You’re interested in what they’re all about and that triggers something in them. He feels special, he feels unique, he feels different. He feels inspired and desired and that is what flirting is all about.