No Text Back: Why it’s OK he didn’t text you back

No text backNO TEXT BACK?? You went on a great date. Or maybe a few dates. And you thought he was interested in you. There was some texting or calling for a while and then suddenly, there’s not. The flirty back and forth slows down and then grinds to a halt. You sent the last text. What do you do? My advice is to embrace it. Screw being bummed about a dude who didn’t text back. It’s actually a really good thing for you. And here’s why.

You tried – No Text Back

I hate the feeling of not knowing, especially when it comes to romance. And I’m sure I’m not alone in that. There’s so much uncertainty and game playing in love and. It’s hard to know where you stand. But, if you sent the last text and he didn’t write back, there is no mystery. He’s not into pursuing something with you. You put the effort and while it’s a major bummer that it didn’t pan out, you can’t blame yourself. You tried! You were clear and you got a clear message from him.

You get the point – No Text Back

Like I mentioned, not knowing is the worst part of dating and now you know. He’s not interested in dating you. Sure, that stinks and isn’t a real win for your ego. But, it’s out there now. And if you think no text back isn’t an indication of his non-interest, then you need think again. Men are natural born hunters. They go after what they want. If this guy isn’t even going after you in a way that involves the least effort possible—tapping out a little text—then he’s not interested.

You can move on – No Text Back

The real thing to celebrate here is that you’re free! You’re not waiting for his next move or wondering what’s going on your relationship. You’re completely out of it and able to move on. Whoo hoo! Don’t even spend a second wishing this loser were more interested. Take that energy and funnel it into finding someone who’s excited to get your texts and writes back right away. I know he’s out there and you’re going to be so much happier with him! So, get to swiping, hang out at spots eligible men frequent and find him, sister!

Hope that helps anyone who’s waiting by their phones for those three little “I’m typing” dots to show up. Know that you put in the effort, you have a clear read on him and you’re now free to find someone way better!