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The Benefits of Working with a Certified Matchmaker

why-trust-a-matchmakerI mention the benefits of working with a Certified Matchmaker often, so I want to take some time to explain why working with matchmakers that are certified is so beneficial.

A little back story:

When I left my career in social work to become a matchmaker, I found a huge gap in the matchmaking industry in terms of support, networking, and industry standards.

As a social worker I was used to attending conferences, taking advantage of ongoing training opportunities, and having a network of peers and co-workers to consult with on a daily basis. In my new career none of this was available to me. I had to learn on the fly, and made many mistakes along the way.

To amend this, I co-founded the Matchmaking Institute in 2003, two years after starting my matchmaking company VIP life.  I am proud to say that the institute is the first state licensed school for matchmakers with an approved curriculum. The Matchmaking Institute offers a professional matchmakers trade association, matchmaking workshops, and a yearly world-wide professional Matchmakers and Date Coaches Conference. 

The program to become a Certified Matchmaker includes going over an in depth home study manual complied by industry leaders who have documented the secrets to launching and growing a successful matchmaking business. The manual includes forms, templates, and sample legal contracts that have taken years and many thousands of dollars in professional fees to perfect.

Students then attend a live training session with experts from the Matchmaking Institute who offer personalized insights based on the student’s demographics, backgrounds and strengths.

Upon completion of the training the student is given a matchmaking business plan template to complete and submit for review by a panel of industry leaders.

When the panel approves their plan and the student graduates, they then become part of a network of sought after and credible professionals. Graduates are able to share resources and referrals with each other, and are able to take advantage of international expansion without having to open up offices all over the world.

So, why is it important to work with a matchmaker that is certified?

When you work with a Certified Matchmaker you work with someone that is:

  • State Certified:

    The Matchmaking Institute is the only school in the world authorized to issue a certification in matchmaking. The institute is licensed by the New York Department of Education and has an approved curriculum.

  • Well Trained:

    Perspective matchmakers in the program are required to go though 22 hours of training in order to obtain their certification. The training curriculum includes the study of basic human psychology for matchmakers, screening and interview techniques, how to advise clients, business models, and how to run a successful business. Once certified, matchmakers are required to attend additional trainings in order to uphold their certification status.

  • Trustworthy:

    Since 2003, the Matchmaking Institute has produced worldwide conferences, live training programs and educational literature for the matchmaking industry. The training has lasted the test of time, helping to produce some of the most successful matchmakers in the world. With a Certified Matchmaker you can rest assured that they come highly recommended by an industry authority.

  • Ethical:

    The Matchmaking Institute holds their matchmakers accountable to a strict ethical code. The code identifies core values that all Certified Matchmakers should share, and provides ethical standards to which the general public can hold the matchmaking profession accountable.

  • Dedicated & Diligent:

    As part of the code of ethics, Certified Matchmakers must be fully dedicated to a client’s right to a personal, supportive, and professional service at all times. Their duty is to be extremely diligent when qualifying all potential matches on behalf of their clients, and work with a personalized approach from beginning to end.

  • Accountable:

    Certified Matchmakers are held accountable for the quality of his/her service. Singles who work with them are given the opportunity to provide feedback about the services they were provided. If a Certified Matchmaker has more than 3 complaints against them their certification is revoked.

    Certified Matchmakers are part of a network of the most experience and respected matchmakers throughout the world.

  • Connected:

    Certified Matchmakers are part of a network of the most experience and respected matchmakers throughout the world. The Matchmaking Institute community works together to share resources, find matches, stay up to date on the industry, and uphold the ethical code.


The benefits of working with a Certified Matchmaker are endless. The Institute continues to grow each year, and graduates are working as matchmakers across the United States as well as abroad. You don’t have to live in New York City or Los Angeles to work with a matchmaker that is certified, qualified, and ready to help you find love.

Matchmaking Institute Gold Seal

When researching matchmakers on your area, be sure to look in their website for the Matchmaking Institute Seal (left) to determine if they have been certified and are in good standing with the Institute. For any assistance finding a Certified Matchmaker in your area, please visit: Matchmaking Institute.


Next week, in order to help you interview your potential matchmaker, I will give you some key questions to ask them during your first interview so that you can be sure you’ve found someone qualified and who is the right fit for you.

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