From Office to Party Chic Hair


Party until the break of dawn with these hair tips!

With the holiday season here every woman wants to know how to transition her hair from day to night. Great holiday party hair can be accomplished without starting over after a day at the office! I’ve got the tips for you to accomplish show-stopping hair with the proper prep work in the morning.

The first step in creating versatile hair is volumizing spray and reshaping hair spray. Theses sprays have memory and are easy to brush, which is helpful when using in morning for your first look. Spray the Volumizing spray throughout the hair and quickly blow dry until hair until it is no longer wet to touch. Two of my favorite volumizing hair products are Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Volumizing spray and Bamboo 48 hour sustainable volume spray. If you want a lived in, soft beach textured look, use sea salt spray before blow-drying. I like Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray when splurging and Not Your Mother’s Beach Spray for a budget friendly alternative.

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Reshaping hair spray should be sprayed lightly and evenly throughout the dry hair and then curled with curling iron or hot rollers. Hot rollers are a great way to get ready, they allow the hair to curl and set while you do your other task. Although hot rollers are great, if you have a little time reach for your curling iron which will give you a more defined texture.  My suggestions for reliable reshaping sprays are: Shaper by Sebastian and Kevin Murphy Sessions Spray, I absolutely love these two.

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Now don’t think that a stronger holding spray doesn’t have its place. Your last steps when taking your look day to night is a strong hold hairspray and dry shampoo.  After a long day at work you need to reestablish your hairstyle by spraying dry shampoo.  The dry shampoo will get rid of any oils that your hair may have and also give your hair volume and lift.  Some great dry shampoos KMS Makeover Spray and Big Sexy Volumizing Dry Shampoo.









To get the best results just flip your head over, spray the dry shampoo in your hair, and scrunch your hair before flipping your hair back over. Follow this up by shaping your hair into the desired style and spray a strong holding spray like IT Mega Freeze Extreme Hold spray.

Now your hair is ready to toss and flip the night away!