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How to turn a New Year’s Eve hookup into a relationship


It’s almost time for New Year’s Eve! It’s my favorite and most hated holiday of all time. I love a good party and the symbolism of a new year and clean slate. But, I really, really hate the insane build up and pretty there is for New Year’s Eve plans. It just winds up being more stress than fun if you let the chaos of the expectations get to your head. So, try not to. Another thing that gets built up a lot? The New Year’s Eve kiss. That’s supposed to be a fun smooch, not a massively anxiety producing make out. Got it? If you do wind up liking your New Year’s Eve kissee and hook up with him, good for you! That sounds like fun. But, if you’re looking for more than fun, here’s some advice on how to turn that New Year’s Eve hookup into a relationship.

 Don’t have sex

You know my rule, girl. Don’t sleep with anyone you want to be in a relationship with until you’ve both committed to monogamy. Of course, one night stands are fine if all you want are one night stands. But, if you’re reading this, you want a relationship. So, no peens anywhere near any of your holes. My rules don’t take a break just because it’s a holiday. No ifs, ands or buts. Sorry, sister.

Exchange info

The only way to stay in touch with someone is to give him a way to stay in touch with you. Do something creative. Write your name and stick it in his pocket. Or, if you sleep over, leave it on a piece of paper under the pillow. Be sure he has a way to get in touch with you and then leave it up to him to make the first move. (Well, maybe not the very first move. Sounds like you got to experience several of his moves already!) Men will get in touch if they want to go on a date with you. Don’t reach out first!

Avoid reminiscing

New Year’s Eve is a weird night. If you do wind up on a first date with your NYE hookup, don’t spend too much time reminiscing about how drunk or messed up you were. You don’t want him to think you kissed him just because you were in an altered state. (Dudes have feelings too. I know, hard to believe sometimes. But, they do.) Treat it like a normal first date and don’t apologize or make fun of anything that happened during your first tongue-touching meeting.

Be sure you really like him

Do you really like this guy or do you just want to date him because you’ve already hooked up with him? A lot of things are cloudy on New Year’s Eve due to the hype and the stress and the booze. Make sure your New Year’s Eve self made a good call before you dive head first into a relationship with this guy, k?

What are your New Year’s Eve plans? Let me know in the comments below.