Next Level Sex Tips for 2015


Let me guess: you have a  love-hate relationship with New Years resolutions. On the one hand you like the idea of taking steps towards a fresh start.  You DO want to start going to the gym more. You DO want to conquer that pesky coffee addiction. You DO want to learn how to use that dusty crock-pot

But as the New Year unfolds, all those resolutions eventually fade into the background and you fall back into your old routines.

You start off with the best intentions, but can’t follow through because the goals are too lofty, you don’t believe you have the willpower to make the change or you just get frustrated with your inability to see fast results.

This year, tweak your resolutions and focus on realistic, tangible, achievable goals. While you’re at it, why not choose a goal that brings you more pleasure, not stress,  while you’re actually doing it?  And what goals could be more pleasurable to commit to all year than ones that require a little more effort in the bedroom?

No matter how great your sex life is, if you’re doing the same stuff year after year, things are bound get a little stale. If you commit to trying new things and expanding your bedroom repertoire, you will enjoy the rewards for years to come.

1. Pump Those PC Muscles

No time for the gym? No problem! This year, it’s all about doing your SEXercises! I truly believe that Kegel exercises are the full proof way for men and women to enhance overall sexual health, and regular practice will dramatically improve your sex life.

For women, doing five minutes of Kegels a day will result in a tighter vagina and more powerful orgasms, while men who keep up with their Kegels experience stronger erections, increases in stamina and have a healthier prostate. Plus Kegels are so easy to do – They can be done at home watching TV, in the car on your way to work or right now, as you are reading this

If you need help staying on track, my Kegel Camp app provides daily reminders to do your SEXercises. My voice guides you through 20 gratifying levels of PC training to help pump those muscles up!

2. Mix Up Missionary

We’re all guilty of it. We get into a sexual routine. We find our positions, the ones that make us see stars, and we never look back. Forget all the fancy sex moves and Kama Sutra poses – you’ve found your ticket to O-Town and you’re gonna stick with it.

However, committing to one sexual position for the rest of your sex life is like picking one ice cream flavor to eat for eternity. Just because your favorite position is a winner does not mean it’s the only way to hit the sexual jackpot. You could be missing out on some mind-blowing moves you didn’t even know you had in you, all because you didn’t flip yourself around and try. Try reading a book to inspire you, watch some porn or even talk with your friends. We have so many “other” erogenous zones, so make this year about finding them.

3. Kink It Up

When you think of kinky sex, what comes to mind? Do you picture a slow and sensual seduction between you and your lover? Or does your mind immediately go to whips, ball gags and a plethora of leather? I like to call this the “50 Shades Effect”, but don’t let your fear of assless chaps hold you back from a kinky experience or two.

From silk ties to sex dungeons, there is a spectrum of kink. You don’t have to jump right into some hardcore BDSM, but testing the waters for kink can bring new life into your regular sex routine.

Talk it over with your partner first, and discuss your desires and your limits. Ease into things by engaging in a gentle spanking, some light bondage or exploring a little backdoor play. By the time 50 Shades hits DVD, you could be on a whole new sexual playing field.

4. Get Sex Toy Tech Savvy

We are a society of technology lovers. From our iPhones to our FitBits to our cars that park for us, we are constantly looking for the hot products that will make our lives easier and more fun. So in an age where tech-savviness is next to godliness, it only makes sense that sex toys are evolving too.

Sex toy manufacturers are jumping on the techie trend, resulting in high-quality remote-controlled vibrators that can be controlled through an app in your smartphone! You want to talk sex toys without limits? Many of these toys operate using WiFi, meaning partners can play from anywhere in the world.

My personal favorites for 2015 are:

The days of getting tangle in your vibrator cord are far behind us.  Get ready to embrace the future of sex toys!

5. Add A Touch of Romance

Great sex is about more than just bodies doing what they’ve been biologically programmed to do. It’s about the meaning underneath it. This is where romance becomes the ultimate game-changer. It can take a night of ordinary sex and make it extraordinary.

This doesn’t just apply to coupled sex either. Romance can be just as important for solo play. This is the time to bust out that sexy playlist you’ve been working on, turn down the lights and fire up some mood-setting aromatherapy candles. Help yourself to feel wanted and desired. It is called self-love, after all!

With our hectic lives and stressful schedules, quick and dirty does seem like the easier way. But while Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Maam’s can be found in the backseat of any car in America, a little romance goes a long way. If you build the romantic atmosphere, you will come. Again and again and again!

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