Why Are Men Scared Of Me?


I was having an interesting chat with a lady the other day. She was attractive, and had an amazing energy, but she can’t find herself a decent guy anywhere. When I asked her what her main sticking point was, she told me it was that men wouldn’t approach her.

“David, why are men so scared of me?” She asked.

“Sometimes I’ll go out, and I’ll see guys looking my way, then looking away, and then looking back again. Sometimes this can happen 3 or 4 times. Why won’t they come over and talk to me? Surely I’m not that unapproachable?”

If you’ve ever wondered why guys do the look away thing, and still don’t come over to meet you, let me explain what’s going through their mind.

1. Bad Experiences

Some guys have had so much rejection in their life, they literally can’t take it anymore. I hear it all the time when I coach guys. These men do a ton of work on themselves, they make a big effort to look and smell great when they go out, and then they spend the night having every woman they talk to reject them.

Some guys can’t take that. Some guy’s skin isn’t as thick as it could be, and it puts them off approaching women all together. He wants to approach you, but he can’t get the past out his head, and doesn’t want to experience all the pain and embarrassment he felt the last time out.

2. Lack Of Confidence

There’s still this perception out there that all men should be strong, confident, and macho beings that never get scared, and always feel amazing. Just like some women struggle with self-image problems, so do men. Some men see you, put you on this pedestal before they’ve even met you, and then tell themselves they’re not enough for you.

I call it “Goddess Syndrome” where they instantly give away all their power to you (whether you want it or not) and they see themselves as not worthy of your attention. It’s as if they view you as some kind of queen or goddess. They give you a higher status than them, and end up freaking themselves out. They seem to forget you’re just a human being with flaws and feelings just like them.

3. Bad Assumptions

Some guys decide how you’re going to react to them, before they come over to see for themselves. That’s right. While they’re shooting you nervous glances, they’re thinking things like, “She probably already has a boyfriend. There’s no way she’d want a guy like me. She’s out of my league!”

For some reason, some guys find it hard to believe attractive women can be single!

In the video below, some amazing ordinary guys share their fears and frustrations about approaching you, and talk about what’s going on in their mind when they see you. I guarantee it’s going to open your eyes to the way men think!

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