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How to come onto a guy

how to seduce a man
So how do you come onto a guy? It’s not as easy as you think. And most women just don’t know how to do it. So let’s talk about the best ways to come onto a guy so he craves, and desires you more than any other woman he meets. Here’s the first thing you need to know… Men like to chase. And when I say chase, I don’t mean you don’t answer his texts or calls, because that’s the quickest way to turn a man off. Read more

What to do if your big mouth upsets your boo

Portrait of a woman talking too much I’ve written a lot about how to deal with your man if he upsets you, but I actually haven’t written a ton about how to handle a situation when you do something wrong to your man. Believe me, it’s not because I’ve never made a mistake in a relationship. I have. A ton! But, I’ve learned from them. So, I thought maybe you’d like to learn from my mistakes, too. One thing I find myself in the doghouse for a lot is having a big mouth. I’m a private person about some things, but obviously not about others. I had a reality show for crying out loud! Read more

The Most Toxic Relationship Behavior

Do you have interactions between you and your partner where you feel your partner is mean and even downright cruel, or vice versa? Do you feel like your partner is disgusted by you, or maybe you’re disgusted by your partner? If so, you’re in dangerous relationship territory. Read more

10 Online Dating Cliches You Should Stop Using Immediately

If you've ever been a member of an online dating site, you know how hard it is to create a profile that accurately describes yourself and what you're looking for in a partner. That's why many people resort to using the same old one liners in their profiles-they're easy and since they've been used so many times, they must work-right? Wrong! Here are ten of the most common online dating cliches and why you should avoid them. Read more

Fleeing the Friend Zone

Girl rejects kiss from her friend
It’s the age-old debate: Can you get out of the friend zone? And more importantly, how do you stay out of the friend zone? I could write an entire novel on this subject, but I’ll try to keep it short and proactive for those of you stuck in the eternal hell that we call the “friend zone.” Here are my tips on how to stay out of this zone, as it’s much easier to stay out of it than leave it (unless, of course, you’re Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally). Read more

#AskPatti: Gay teen advice, dealing with the past, sexy dresses & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello, hello! Hope everyone had a fantastic week. I know I did. I had a lot of small, but great stuff happen to me this week, which felt so wonderful. The world can be a really magnificent place! I hope you all felt the same way about your weeks! One of my favorite parts of my week was checking the #AskPatti hashtag and seeing all of you questions pour in. I couldn’t answer all of them in this column, but I’ve noted them and will definitely get to them soon! Read more