#AskPatti: Gay teen advice, dealing with the past, sexy dresses & more!

Ask Patti StangerHello, hello! Hope everyone had a fantastic week. I know I did. I had a lot of small, but great stuff happen to me this week, which felt so wonderful. The world can be a really magnificent place! I hope you all felt the same way about your weeks! One of my favorite parts of my week was checking the #AskPatti hashtag and seeing all of you questions pour in. I couldn’t answer all of them in this column, but I’ve noted them and will definitely get to them soon!

Get out there and meet as many men as you can without focusing on nailing down a boyfriend right away. See what’s out there. Get a sense of what you like. And, more importantly, get a sense of what you don’t like. Don’t feel like you need to commit to the first person who likes you. You’re young and have a lot to learn. So, roll up your sleeves and get exploring!
Ha ha ha! That’s what DVR is for. You should be out and about during prime lady meeting hours. Save my show for quiet time! Or, better yet, go find a gal who wants to stay at home and watch the show with you!
I say the past is the past and you should leave it there. Who knows what was going on in his past? It’s a very different time with very different circumstances and, frankly, he was probably a different guy back then. Try not to dwell on anything you know about his past and definitely don’t pry into parts of his past he doesn’t want to talk about. Focus on how great the present is and you’ll be a lot happier. That goes for relationships and life in general!
Because duh!
I’m always a fan of bandage dresses. And guess what? So are most men! The great thing about bandage dresses is that they really suck you in and highlight your curves. Get a super short one to show off those legs and you’ll be batting men away!

That’s all of this week, loves. Keep the questions coming and I’ll keep the answers flowing! Sending so much love and positive energy your way for a fantastic week!