The Love Report

Women with penises and men with vaginas

Man with a vagina wears lipstickHave you heard the saying there are a lot of men walking around with vaginas nowadays?

How about women who have penises?

Listen today as David Wygant and I talk about how too many out there are walking around with their man-ginas.

And too many women lead with their male penis.

What does a woman with a penis look like? No, we’re not talking about ‘chicks with dicks’. Or women with really short hair and big muscles.

A lot of feminine looking women and women in general have assumed the role of a man, and it’s driving the real men away. We are talking about women who have lost sight of, or lost the willingness to accept the primal dynamic between the sexes.

Women have eclipsed men in business and earning power, and feel that it’s time for them to be treated ‘like a man’. Why not? They’re the bread-winners.

The problem is that it’s not satisfying.

Ultimately, they don’t like how it feels. So they complain about the dynamic they helped create. They say want a man who will take charge, who will throw them down on the bed and ravage them. Like a cave man.

But you can’t have your ‘penis’… and eat it too

These women either no longer know how, or are simply unwilling to make a man feel like a man, so he can act like one.

Not that we are blaming only women. Men are just as responsible.

We hear from so many women that are desperately looking for a ‘real man’. We hear it in their voices, read it in their online profile.

Men are soft. Unwilling to make a decision. To approach them. Too many men are playing ‘the game’. Passive. Not calling or texting for three days. Leavig women to guess if they’re interested. No coming on strong.  No sex until the fifth date.

Stop the insanity!

You’re a man. You’re supposed to be strong. In some way. Even if your girl makes more money, has a nicer car… whatever.

Guys, it’s time to lose your vagina!

Grab her. Kiss her. Make her knees buckle. Seduce her. Show her you’re a man!

And girls it’s time to get rid of your penis.

You’re supposed to be soft. Gentle in some way. That doesn’t mean you lose who you are or what you’ve accomplished. But if you want to stop driving men away, show him your feminine side. Let him know you like his masculine side, stop trying to take it away from him.

You’ll start to attract them like bees to honey..

It’s our primal nature.

It’s time the sexes became exactly what they used to be.  Men need to step up to the plate a little bit more and lead.  So what do I feel about this?

Well you’d be shocked at what I feel is really the cause of all this.

What is the cause of the masculine female?

What is the cause of the feminine woman?

I’m going to expose this today in today’s podcast as David and I sit down and break down why our society is all wrong when it comes to which one leads and which one doesn’t.