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What to do, wear and say when you meet his parents

What happens when you meet his parentsWhen your relationship is heading into serious territory long after that first date has passed, there comes a time when you must face meeting the parents or in some cases the entire family depending on how it plays out.  For some of us it is a monumentally joyous occasion and for others it’s a rather stress-inducing event to say the least.  Here are a few pointers to help you ease through what could be a nerve racking encounter.  Most importantly, be yourself and enjoy the company!

Smiling is the Key

Never underestimate the power of smiling.  We all know that smiling makes us feel better and that of course goes for those around us as well.  It is an effortless yet effective way to connect with others without saying a word.  A genuine, heart-felt smile will gain trust, score points and ultimately go a long way to helping you making a good first impression.  If you are nervous, less social or simply don’t have much to say then smiling is a way to compensate.  There is something very reassuring and positive to other people when they see someone smiling they are meeting for the first time.  Especially in cases where the parents (mom’s most likely) may go into it attempting to judge you in some capacity because they are sizing you up as a possible match for their son.

Be an Effective Conversationalist

You will be much better off being a keen listener instead of taking over the conversation and coming across as self-absorbed.  Be engaged in the conversation, pay attention and listen attentively while giving good feedback when asked.  Remember, the tone of your voice carries more weight than the words themselves more often than not.  The communication and rapport you establish with your potential future in-laws will have a major impact and could be a deciding factor for his parents in terms of how they see you as a wife/partner.  So, don’t screw it up.

Visual Representation

Win his parents over at the first sight of you!  What you wear says a lot about you and that “dress to impress” tactic applies even more importantly than ever in this scenario.  Mostly likely, you will be meeting elders ~ which means dress appropriately and accordingly.  You don’t need to be decked out in goodie-goodie church attire (unless that’s your style) but worse yet show up in a beat-up shirt and flip flops that screams slob.  Keep your look presentable while your personality shows through your fashion sense.  Here is a fail-proof way ~ think subtle & sophisticated.

Don beautiful, subtle makeup along with a polished dress to flaunt your lady-like demure.  Complete the outfit with your favorite accessories.  Last but not least, keep in mind that when you are comfortable in your own skin, well, it shows!